Chapter 2347 Fend For Himself

Quinn pursed her lips.

“The servants you hired aren’t well-trained. They spend all day catering to Chance. If this continues, Chance will become a spoiled kid…”

Eric interrupted her, “So, you’d rather them ignore Chance and let him fend for himself? Just like how you threw me abroad to live on my own back then?”

Quinn choked.

“That’s not what I mean. I just want to change a group of servants. I’ll take care of Chance myself.”

Eric pursed his lips. A sharpness flashed across his eyes, and his voice was cold.

“It’s a tiring chore to take care of children, so forget it. Let the servants take care of him. You can just rest.”

Quinn’s face was glum.

“I won’t feel tired taking care of my own grandson. Are you afraid that I can’t take care of him well?”

Eric looked at her silently for a few seconds. His voice was a little cold.

“Mom, the servants are taking good care of Chance, and he gets along well with them. They’re all professional nannies and childhood education specialists.”

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goodnovel comment avatar
I love Clayton and Nicole. They just need to have some more babies and then the author can ride them off into the sunset as a proud and happy family. Focus more on Eric and his new love interest Selene.
goodnovel comment avatar
Renee Higgins-Gilmore
this has to's ridiculous so many parts unnecessary.

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