Chapter 2446 A Good Boy Who Protected Himself

Eric did not know if his sudden anger was because Selena really did not try to barge in after he locked the door to the bathroom.

The corners of Selena’s mouth twitched. Then, she pointed to the clothes on the chair next to her.

“It’s unworn, a bit big, and unisex. It should fit you well, but if you don’t like it, just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

Eric took a deep breath and said bluntly, “Can’t you take my clothes to dry clean? Or you can wash and iron them.”

Even if he could no longer wear it again, at least it was a temporary solution.

Selena stared at him blankly, then shook her head solemnly.

“No. I’m not your nanny, so why should I do this for you?”

Eric’s eyes widened.

“Didn’t you say that you like me? So, shouldn’t you be willing to do whatever I want?”

He blurted out.

How was she so laidback when she liked him?

She did not want to do anything for him.

Did she only like him for his money?

Hearing this, Selena could not help but laugh.

She noticed that this man
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goodnovel comment avatar
Just when you get into it, it’s done. Extremely aggravating. I almost stopped reading this several times, along with several others that does the same thing
goodnovel comment avatar
It’s very frustrating
goodnovel comment avatar
I really don’t understand why you would translate only 2 chapters per day from the Chinese version. Unless you get paid daily, I don’t find any logic

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