Chapter 2454 He’s Injured

Selena yelled, “Hah! I didn’t count on you. I shouldn’t have wasted my time at that dinner tonight. If I had dinner with my college junior, this matter might have already been resolved!”

She was regretting joining Eric’s dinner.

Although it was a rare opportunity to eat with such big shots, this did not affect the closing of her bar.

What did she gain from it?

Nothing at all.

Eric frowned. His face was extremely gloomy.

“Can he solve it for you? Hah…”

Selena turned her head away and refused to say another word to him.

The silence along the way made the driver in front extremely uneasy.

This was the first time the driver saw Eric sending someone home, yet that person dared to argue with him.

More importantly, Eric did not even kick her out.

It was really strange.

They finally arrived at the bar.

The driver stopped the car, and before he got down to open the door for Selena, Selena already pushed the door open and got out of the car.

The bar was closed for the past two days
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Comments (6)
goodnovel comment avatar
Ladyjane Phiri
also enjoying Eric and Selena story line....
goodnovel comment avatar
Shirea Lemons
Chance wants Selena as his Mom, but I think Eric is using Chance to get to Selena. Eric doesn't have a clue how to talk to Selena. He wants her but know how to make it happen. Why else would he keep helping her?
goodnovel comment avatar
Kim Pitchford
I am sorry but I really don’t see any romance or excitement in Eric and Selena’s interaction. I think Selena should play the field and let life take it’s course. Maybe Eric and Selena are not meant to be together either.

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