Chapter 2460 Help to Bathe Him?

Eric said, “I won’t need you to take care of me once I can walk.”

He looked at her with disdain and added, “I’m afraid you’ll take advantage of me!”

Selena laughed. “Deal!”

She readily agreed.

She just had to be a caregiver, so she should not be ashamed to bow her head for $10 million!

Selena smiled and was complacent. The resentment in her heart dissipated.

Eric thought, ‘Look! There is nothing money can’t solve. What a snobbish woman!’

“Now, go draw me a bath.”

Selena paused, then looked at him sideways with a bit of a dilemma.

“I’m a woman after all.”

It was not very convenient, right?

Eric took a deep breath angrily. “I’m not paralyzed! Go get the wheelchair and push me into the bathroom!”

“Oh! Oh, okay…”

Selena thought that she was too unprofessional.

Her mind was already wondering about how Eric would look naked.

He had a good figure. Hmm...

However, she did not dare to think deeply because he was Eric Ferguson.

Selena cleaned up the bathroom and drew the bath fo
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