Chapter 2462 Let’s Sleep Together

“Zachary Salvatore.”

Selena frowned and was a little upset.

Eric only mentioned it at this time, so did he just overhear the contents of her phone call?

Why was he pretending like he did not eavesdrop on her?

“Right, Zachary Salvatore. Did he tell you that he helped, and you actually believed him?”

Eric’s mocking tone made Selena very uncomfortable.

Even if she blamed Zachary for not being honest about it, Zachary had also helped her.

At least, he helped with replacing the equipment.

Thus, Selena was in no position to accuse Zachary.

What right did Eric have to say that?

Selena frowned and suddenly felt a little upset.

“He didn’t say that. I just misunderstood it. Mr. Ferguson, didn’t you say that you won’t help? Why did you go back on your word?”

She remembered that Eric clearly told her back then that he would not help her.

How did he forget what he said?

He had a horrible memory!

Eric sneered.

“I was just afraid that you’d cry and beg me. Then, there will be a millio
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