Chapter 2594 The Real Proposal

Eric walked over, looking strong and confident. However, he deliberately restrained his nature so that people would not feel oppressed.

He glanced at Nicole calmly. Nicole consciously took a step back and handed over the things he had prepared.

Eric took it over, took out the contents, and slowly got down on one knee in front of everyone.

Selena’s face froze slightly.

Suddenly, someone shouted. “Look, it’s a drone…”

Selena could not help but look up.

The night sky, which was originally full of stars, suddenly had countless drones.

The drones formed an image of a man on one knee while the woman was standing.

The large area was lit up by the drones.

Even her skirt and her fingers were clearly outlined.

It seemed that their current actions had been infinitely magnified in the night sky.

They were on the beach, and the breeze was cool.

Selena’s heart was racing.

She could subtly detect the movement around her.

However, her ears seemed to be covered by a thin barrier.

She cou
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Dawn Preciado
I agree there will be no mercy for any that took her .
goodnovel comment avatar
Ava Wolf
Here we go again folks… But seriously, I like the way Nicole helped Eric with his proposal. To me, it was like she passed the torch when she gave him the ring. Now, whoever kidnapped Selena…be prepare to die, because Mr. Ferguson is going to go CRAZY!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
DAMN ...️WHY CAN’T YOU SEND BULK CHAPTER OR WORST WHY NOT END THE STORY...️judging from the ongoing story, who are you really referring as The Heiress...

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