Chapter 2595 Who Was It?

Eric held a cigarette in his hand. His face was extremely solemn, and his eyes were dark and unpredictable.

No one could see what he was thinking.

He seemed like a completely different person from the high-spirited groom a few days ago.

Eric was gloomy, cold, and wild. His unhappiness found an outlet.

Everyone searched the entire hotel, but they could not find Selena, who disappeared.

At last, Eric stubbed out the cigarette. He raised his eyes slightly and frowned as he looked at the person in charge of the hotel.

“Is there a secret passage in the hotel?”

The person in charge trembled slightly. “No…”

Eric gave the bodyguards a look.

The bodyguard immediately stepped forward and kicked the person in charge to the ground.

The person in charge could not get up because of the pain.

The bodyguard pressed that person’s head to the ground viciously.

Eric sat there with dark eyes.

“Be honest. If nothing happens to my wife, I’ll let you go. If something happens to her, I’ll kill yo
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