Chapter 2596 Hanging by a Thread

Had Jennifer been hiding here for a few days?

Selena’s face was pale and extremely glum. She was a little afraid of heights, yet she was hanging over a piece of glass, with ugly carnivorous fish waiting to eat her.

She could not calm the fear welling up in her heart.

Jennifer smiled smugly and appreciated the look on Selena’s face. It was not an empty threat.

She was wearing a bathing suit and walked to the switch that came next to her bare thighs.

Selena shook her head in shock.

She tried to stop Jennifer but to no avail.

Her legs and arms were bound, and she struggled to stand up.

Jennifer did not give Selena a chance to speak at all because she gagged Selena’s mouth.

Jennifer looked like a different person as if someone had triggered all the malice hidden in her.

The next second, Selena felt her body drop into the swimming pool.

Selena panicked and felt that it was the end of the world.

The water level in the swimming pool reached the highest level. The fish saw their pr
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goodnovel comment avatar
Oh GODDAMMIT 2 CHAPTERS DAILY WHILE I AM PAYING FOR MORE...️ you are just prolonging this story that has already gotten out of line,far from your Title- The Heiress. What happens to the real Heiress Nicole?does it mean the end of Eric Nicole...️
goodnovel comment avatar
C’mon, more chapters!!!!!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Preciado
I have a feeling Taylor is behind this as well, or her brother.

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