Chapter 2598 Just Ask Once


Eric’s face darkened instantly.

Selena’s biological father?

Eric knew about Selena’s past, so he knew that she was not dependent on her relatives.

In the beginning, Eric proposed to help her find her relatives, but she refused.

From then on, Eric did not try to look for anyone because he was afraid it would backfire.

Selena’s father knew that his daughter was in dire straits, but watched helplessly and did not show up. This only meant that it made no difference whether such relatives were present or not.

Unexpectedly, this person came to Eric’s door on his own initiative.

He even wanted to harm his own daughter.

Eric was instantly shrouded in a layer of gloom.


“The woman said she hadn’t seen him before, but someone called her and gave her a sum of money to find a chance to attack Madam. We checked and found that the other party was very cautious. They used cash in Euros and banked it into the woman’s account. That phone number is now out of service.”

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goodnovel comment avatar
I hate how Selena always try to make Eric feel guilty. It was your cousin Selena, please grow up
goodnovel comment avatar
Jo S
This book has dragged on for so long as has cost so much money. The chapters are shorter and shorter. I’ve invested so much and am seriously ready for this book to find it’s conclusion already
goodnovel comment avatar
Pamela D. Nicholson Whalin
I didn’t get a bonus chapter!!!!!

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