Chapter 2600 You Deserve It

On the plane, Jennifer was tied to the seat and surrounded by two bodyguards. She could not even move.

She did not dare to move and tried her best to reduce her presence.

Jennifer feared that Eric and Selena would think of her and throw her into the sea to feed the fish.

After all, if she fell into the Atlantic Ocean, she would not even leave behind a corpse.

Selena fell asleep, but she could not sleep well.

She opened her eyes and vaguely heard Eric on the phone in another room.

It was probably a conference call, and he was afraid of waking her up.

Selena glanced at the clouds of all kinds of shapes outside the window.

She thought about it for a while, stood up, and walked in front of Jennifer.

The bodyguard stood up immediately.


Selena pursed her lips.

“I’ll say a few words to her. You can wait by the side.”

The bodyguard nodded without hesitation.

Eric told them that Selena’s words were just as good as his words. There was no difference.

Fear flashed across J
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goodnovel comment avatar
Why didn’t they throw Jennifer out to sea?! She’s useless and she tried to kill Selena what’s the point of keeping her!?
goodnovel comment avatar
Caprice Smith
Can we please get more than 2 chapters. Please............
goodnovel comment avatar
Buyiswa Molebalwa
It's not Clayton he was the happiest person, because he will relax that no one will threatened his marriage. He even drank on behalf of Eric because he wanted him to be fresh and full of energy to consummate his marriage. The truth will be revealed

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