Chapter 2629 Don’t Remember

Clayton talked to Chatty about studying abroad.

Chatty agreed without hesitation.

He asked her where she wanted to go, to which she replied that she was fine with anywhere except France.

Clayton pondered for a while before asking, “Are you reluctant about France because of Fischer?”

Chatty’s eyes turned red.

“I don’t remember him at all. Daddy, don’t mention him!”

She felt aggrieved.

Chatty grew up with him, and he suddenly disappeared one day.

It felt like a dream.

That person was no longer behind her. Fischer was no longer around.

Chatty missed him very much, but Fischer did not even say goodbye.

Clayton touched her head and looked at his daughter in distress.

“Chatty, now that you’ve grown up, you should know that Fischer had no choice but to leave. He also couldn’t contact you, so if you see him in the future, don’t blame him.”

Chatty stubbornly turned her head away, pretending not to care.

She was the apple of Clayton’s eye, so when had she ever suffered any grievanc
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Dawn Preciado
And Chatty has always seemed like this dumb girl with no depth so flighty and superficial. Everything is a game with no real substance. She is a spoiled brat and I am not very interested in her story.
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Preciado
I can’t handle more drama please don’t make chance and Fisher competing for Chatty.
goodnovel comment avatar
Interesting story plot. its going to be a love triangle between Chance and Fischer fighting over Chatty. Chatty will run into seeing Fischer while she's abroad.

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