Chapter 46


“Did she speak?” I asked Lorenzo who had just sucked Rosetta dry.

He was in charge of this task after his brother’s death, knowing that nothing would avenge him for the death of his brother except this. I assigned him to do this, he knew that Verone’s death would be on my hands, as I couldn’t give him that, I offered to allow him to kill the one person who Verone would die for, and though Lorenzo was initially against it. He was not one to lay his finger on a woman, he knew that this was the closest thing to killing Verone that there was.

“Not a word. I’ve killed her twenty-eight times already, the woman just keeps coming back to life and says nothing as she smiles and waits to see what I have on my sleeve for her. She would taunt for a while, but she knows the fate that would hit her eventually” Lorenzo said and I nodded looking at Rosetta who was coming back to life once again, this time the woman seemed

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