The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins

The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins

By:  Ebony Woods   Updated just now
Language: English
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Evelyn had been the Luna of the Red Stone Pack for the past two years. An arranged marriage of power to protect her father’s pack, she didn’t for one moment expect to develop feelings for the cold Alpha King. But in the two years ruling by his side, she sees a warmth to Reuben that he keeps hidden. After a night of passion that Reuben makes clear to Evelyn was a mistake, she finds out she is pregnant with the longed future for the ruling pack. However Evelyn’s happiness at the news is short lived when the love of Reuben’s life returns only just surviving the murder of her own pack. Evelyn soon realises that Vicky isn’t as innocent as she makes out and doesn’t take long for her to get her claws into Reuben. After confronting his ex, Evelyn is a victim of a deliberate attempt to harm her child. She must make a decision to protect the pack’s future from Vicky and the baby’s own father. But will the cold ruthless Alpha King refuse to let her go so easily? Will he be responsible for the brutal attack on her family pack, leaving Evelyn’s soul broken? Has Evelyn finally seen Reuben for what he is, beyond salvation…

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Marcia Sheard Whittaker
Wow!!!!! This book has kept me up at night cause I can't put it down. The storyline is original and love that there aren't any weak females in the book.
2023-09-24 08:47:21
user avatar
tessy jibril
wow!!! what an exhilarating book, I absolutely love it.
2023-09-13 04:31:57
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Jaye Wilson
Omg… I love this story can’t wait for the updates
2023-09-11 01:33:11
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I’ve read all of the chapters I need the ending!
2023-09-07 07:20:14
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Christine Owings
91 chapters 8/29/23
2023-08-29 17:37:37
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Nesza Love
Ugh I read to fast this book is amazing ! Now I’m waiting for more chapters I really need to slow down with my reading!
2023-08-23 02:20:40
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wow that's actually a good story but FL deserve better
2023-08-07 13:00:38
user avatar
I'm loving the story
2023-08-05 01:18:57
default avatar
when will this be updated?
2023-08-04 20:17:07
user avatar
Jasmine Jeon
Hey ... author how often you update?
2023-08-03 22:41:11
user avatar
msuntouchable626 .nikia626
ohhhhhh I'm waiting
2023-07-29 02:39:56
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Sheryl Theresa Espejo-Sabolboro
Is this book regularly updated?
2023-07-27 12:38:26
user avatar
Amanda Peppers
7-26-23 chapter 49
2023-07-27 02:25:59
user avatar
Brandi Rates
when is the next update?
2023-07-26 23:50:18
default avatar
I love this book
2023-07-26 14:18:45
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120 Chapters
Chapter One
Evelyn POVI am married but not mated. I am the wife of the Alpha King of the Red Stone Pack. His wife, but not the pack’s Luna. But that is only a consideration in technicality.The pack members for the past two years have supported me as the Alpha’s wife and never once made me feel any less of their Luna.The Red Stone Pack is the ruling pack of many, as our warriors remain undefeated in battle. We offer a strong alliance to smaller packs that in time of crisis can call upon the Alpha King and his warriors to help protect and secure their lands.“Luna…be careful. Let me do that.” Candice, one of the alpha mansion’s staff members offers to me.As the acting Luna, I was responsible for the planning and organising of the yearly group pack Moon Conference. We had just completed this year’s event and being the morning after, I was helping with the tidying up. The staff told me not to bother, that I had done all the hard work…but I like to help where I can.Every year the pack would invi
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Chapter Two
Evelyn POVWhy was she here? What was she doing here? I try to meet Reuben’s eyes to get an indication of his emotions at her arrival, but his are locked on the female that seems to be acting flustered at my disturbing them. Her shiny black hair that was long in the photographs, was now cut into a long stylish bob. She was wearing a very cleavage revealing bright pink top, tight white jeans and pink heels with sparkling gems. Her clothes were nothing like mine and I felt quite ugly in my baggy long black t-shirt and black leggings.“Oh, you must be Evelyn! It’s nice to finally meet you, I’m like Reuben’s little sister, I am….” She starts a little too excitable for my liking, so I cut her off.“Vicky!” I say as Vicky continues to hold my gaze until she looks at me, from top to toe, taking me in. If I wasn’t watching her, I think she would have sneered at my appearance. My wolf had a sense of nastiness from her, a coldness that she was born with. Reuben is cold in nature, but my wolf
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Chapter Three
Evelyn POVI lead Vicky outside into the front of the Alpha mansion’s grounds. I wanted to check on whether anything still needed tidying up and knowing Candice and Michelle were at the back of the house, our conversation shouldn’t be overheard.Vicky turns to me, a cold aura emitting from her that she was working hard on keeping hidden, yet my wolf picks up on it and whines in my mind. My wolf knows that this female is not to be trusted.“I was surprised you have the front guest rooms and that Reuben let me stay in his old rooms. Surely it should be the other way around?” She mock laughs, my back stiffening at her words. Perhaps Noah was right, perhaps she was here with an ulterior motive. I didn’t have time for games, I gave up my family pack to move here and had worked hard as the Red Stone Pack’s Luna for the past two years. I wasn’t going to let her ruin that. I had to fight for what was mine.“Vicky….” I change my approach to her, I’m not being such the welcoming luna now.“….we
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Chapter Four
Evelyn POVFor the next few days I tried to get Reuben alone, but Vicky was with him at every moment. She even somehow invited herself in on pack business meetings and sat quietly to the side. She watched Reuben as if in awe of his leadership, but was happy to try and comment when he asked for my opinion as the luna.I wasn’t feeling well. The early stages of pregnancy taking a lot of energy from my body as well as the added stress of Vicky being here and knowing her motives, had me unable to sleep at night.Noah had demanded to see me every day. He could sense I was stressed about something and the dark circles under my eyes informed him that I wasn’t sleeping well.I was back in his doctor’s office where he was taking my blood pressure and checking my weight.“You’ve already lost weight Evelyn, are struggling with morning sickness?” His eyes look at me from over his gold rimmed glasses, he was also tired. Most likely worried about me, which made me feel even worse.“I’m getting some
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Chapter Five
Evelyn’s POVMy eyes open not recognising the ceiling above me. Where was I?I remember falling down the stairs…correction, being pulled down the stairs by Vicky. Where was Reuben, why wasn’t he here? I see Noah standing at the foot of my bed tapping away on his laptop.“Noah, where is Reuben?” I ask looking around the room and even try to look outside, to see whether he was talking to a pack member only just outside my room, but still close enough to be here for me when I woke up.“I’m sure he will be here soon.”My heart sinks at the news…be here soon? Had he not even checked on met yet? He wanted to be with her, the female that put our baby’s life in danger, to steal my husband.“Has he visited at all?” I check but already know the answer.“No not yet….” Noah calmly replies, trying to soothe my internal crisis.The hospital room bangs open, Reuben’s apparent anger preventing him from catching the door before it bounces off the wall. The room takes on a heavy atmosphere on his arri
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Chapter Six
Evelyn POV“I said, you’ll have to banish me too!” I repeat meeting Reuben’s thunderous eyes.“That’s impossible!” He growls at me, his body shaking with anger. Vicky places a hand on his shoulder before having the nerve to try and calm a deteriorating situation that she has caused.“Reuben please don’t fight on my account.” She coos into his ear.My own growl is deafening, the growl of a luna’s and an alpha’s daughter furious at Vicky. Vicky’s wolf has no choice but to whimper…with her alpha and pack dead she is no longer of luna status. I turn my back on the two of them and start to pull Noah away from them also.“Are you leaving with him?” Reuben’s cold voice rings throughout the courtyard.“If you insist on banishing Noah, then yes. I won’t leave him behind.” I firmly stand by my decision.“I told you she had feelings for him.” Vicky mutters into Reuben’s ear, which earns an irritant growl, even from him. “He must be banished but you cannot leave the position of luna, you are my
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Chapter Seven
Reuben POV“I, Evelyn, Luna of the Blood Moon Pack reject my position as the Alpha’s wife and Luna!” As the words leave Evelyn’s lips I feel like I have been shot in the heart with a silver bullet, my wolf howling in my mind and wanting out. The air had left my lungs and I couldn’t seem to breathe. I’ve been fucking staked in battle before, yet this hurts more than any war wound. How is that even possible, I hadn’t even marked her. “Evelyn.” I gasp through the pain, taking a step towards her but am yanked back by Vicky. My wolf roars in my mind as Evelyn turns her back on me and links arms with Noah. I wanted to kill the prick, the fucker that has never left her side. He has always been in the fucking way and now I know why. He’s been wanting her as his for goddess knows how long. I would not tolerate this level of betrayal from her, has she really been sleeping with her doctor whilst married to me? All this time I thought she was different…sweet and innocent. I can’t get the image
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Chapter Eight
Evelyn POV Four Years Later Deep breath in, deep breath out. I forgot how tranquil this place was. This was my first time returning to the lake since that barbaric day four years ago. My first break in four years. Deep breath in, deep breath out. A gentle gust of wind blows a few strands of my hair into my face, momentarily covering my eyes. As I brush the strands of hair away, I watch as the wind causes a small wave of water to crash on the lake’s pebble shore. I sigh deeply, as a flash back enters my mind from the day my parents were savagely killed. The cold image of their bodies left so inhumanely…left by a monster. My flashbacks were less frequent nowadays but they still tortured me at nighttime regularly. I hear laughter in the distance and the sprinting of tiny little feet heading in my direction. They end my flashback instantly! Thank you Moon Goddess, thank you for my two children, thank you for showing me the power of a mother’s love. As they run towards me my heart f
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Chapter Nine
Evelyn POV “And not the fact that you haven’t truly gotten over Reuben.” Noah catches me off guard with his suggestion. I can’t stop my own hands from tightly fisting into balls upon my upper thighs. My anger trying to take control of me, control of my wolf. “Gotten over Reuben?” I sneer at the very idea. It was a good thing my hands were fisted on my lap because they wanted to pull at my hair for the flashback that just entered my mind. The shiny silver sword that had been left behind, left stabbed in my mother’s chest. The memory of my father’s severed head makes a wave of nausea bubble within my stomach and I have to work on my breathing to keep it down. “He murdered my parents and innocent pack members…how could I get over that, get over my hatred of him? Why would I?....Who could..” I trail off at the end, my words becoming more a personal reminder of my vendetta against him. I couldn’t find inner peace until Reuben felt the slightest bit of sorrow that he had caused me. He wa
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Chapter Ten
Evelyn POV“What does that mean?” I turn to Noah trying to understand the odd announcement.“Keep reading.” He gently pushes me to finish the email invitation, to gain all the facts. It was odd, it was an invitation to the Alpha male of the Silvermoon Pack, a clever ruse to discreetly bring him out of hiding.“The Silvermoon Pack has expanded at an exceptional pace over the last four years. But no one has actually met the so-called Alpha.” Noah says as he takes a step towards me and places his hand on my shoulder.“You must have known that you couldn’t keep hidden forever, keep the children hidden forever. You’ve made too much of a dent into his pack alliance. He is calling the Alpha out.” Noah never fails to be my advisor, calling me out when nobody else would. It is true that one of the conditions of starting my own alliance with packs was that they didn’t get to meet with me. Noah was the ambassador on my behalf, I was careful that nobody knew that the Alpha of the Silvermoon was
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