The Lycan King’s Wanted Mate

The Lycan King’s Wanted Mate

By:  Deborah Myers  Completed
Language: English
10 ratings
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Aurelia Brock wakes up three days after saving the life of a mysterious stranger that causes her parents and pack to be slaughtered. She finds out that she has been taken in by the King of the Red Valley City. All Aurelia wants is to find her mate and build a new pack, but the powerful men she encounters on her journey all want her for themselves, regardless of whether she is mated to them or not. Almost at her wit’s end, her prayers are finally answered when she encounters her mate. But she learns of his plan to dispose of her, and Aurelia has no other option but to run and live out the rest of her life in solitude. However, the men she rejected are yet to give up on their hunt, and with Aurelia as the prey, they are each more than determined to make her suffer the consequences of her rejection. What happens when the mysterious stranger from three years ago shows up to claim the woman he marked, and she finds out that one of her hunters is responsible for the deaths of her loved ones?

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user avatar
Joy Hayden
This was a great book!
2023-09-26 14:02:31
user avatar
Mihaela Vardianu
nice book good job autor
2023-08-15 03:17:20
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
107 chapters 7-12-23
2023-07-12 21:17:08
user avatar
Godwin Glory
I love this book. everything about it is just unique and intriguing. kudos to the author ...
2023-07-03 09:32:33
default avatar
love the book so far. saw it isn't finished yet but I got sucked in before I knew ... trying to read slowly but kind of failing. so definitely a good read but wait before you start!
2023-06-13 02:47:11
user avatar
I am really enjoying the story. I love the dynamics between the characters and the specific details that the author uses in describing the scenes. I hope that, Aurelia will remember where she came from and can grow from her experiences and become strong minded.
2023-05-31 15:16:19
user avatar
Hello I will like to know when this book its going to be finished? This is a very good book ! The writer is really amazing
2023-05-17 04:42:00
default avatar
Nice story…
2023-05-09 18:56:46
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
32 chapters 5-8-23
2023-05-09 02:03:14
user avatar
Yudith Camacho de Molero
The story was great at the beginning then it got drag away too much and the end was sudden! I like it but feel that could get a better ending maybe a bonus chapter
2023-08-31 01:24:39
168 Chapters
Chapter 1
Aurelia's POV Patches of grey and pink floated across the afternoon sky, and birds chirped happily in the trees nearby. The smell of green grass and rotting leaves filled my nostrils as a small gust of wind tossed the hems of the turquoise dress that adorned my body. "Will be back soon, mother." I called out to my mother, and without waiting for her usual ambiguous reply, I stepped out of our home. I stretched my lithe body, my gaze landing on the mountains which surrounded our pack, and a smile spread across my face. Our pack was sure beautiful. I took calm strides, towards the woods. My wolf leapt yet again, and I rolled my eyes. I had suddenly felt the strong urge to shift, and knowing my wolf fully well, I wasn't getting a moment's rest, if I didn't grant her wish. The woods was silent, as I walked deeper into it. I avoided the thorny shrubs, clasping my hands behind my back, and humming a tune to myself. So relaxed, was I, like I had nothing to do that morning. Like I didn't
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Chapter 2
Aurelia's POVHe didn't respond, stretching out his right arm towards me instead, just before falling to his knees. I caught him before the rest of his body could make impact with the ground and laid him softly on the lush green grass.“What happened to my parents?" I asked, yet again.He struggled to get his words out, and I placed his head on my lap to give him the support that he needed.“The...They..” He stuttered, and I leaned in to grasp the words he was saying.“Huh? They what?”“They tried to s-save me.”“They tried to save you? From who?”He pointed at his injury, and for whatever reason, it didn't make sense. My entire family had died trying to save this stranger from what or whoever had given him those injuries. The entire Beta pack was gone.Tears welled up in my eyes and I gripped his shirt, my hold tighter than the first.“I…don’t…know.” he muttered. He looked like he was on the verge of breaking down himself, and it made me feel even worse. No amount of tears could bring
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Chapter 3
Aurelia’s POV My eyes slowly peeled open, taking in my bright surroundings. The air smelled like freshly baked muffins, and I could hear voices chattering in the distance. I tilted my head to the left, only to find that I was in the arms of a gorgeous young man. Stunned, I stared into his light gray eyes. There was something oddly familiar about him, something I couldn’t quite place my hands on. “Are you feeling any better?” he asked, laying my head against a pillow. I nodded in response as I tried to wrap my head around where I was and why his face looked so familiar. My tummy grumbled lowly, and my cheeks turned crimson in embarrassment. I was suddenly aware of the intense hunger that plagued me. “The maids will bring you something to eat shortly. Get some rest.” He said and made his way to the door. “Umm... excuse me. Where am I?” I asked. He turned, obviously shocked by my question, like I should have been able to tell from the moment I opened my eyes. “You’re at the royal
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Chapter 4
Aurelia's POV"Aurelia...Be mine."I froze, unable to move a muscle as I stared at the Prince with my jaw hanging loose. His words simply left me in shock. Was this supposed to be a dream? I wondered but his thumb rubbing my lower lip in a slow and sensual manner that sparked discomfort in me was enough to remind me that I was very much awake.His lips spread into a smile as he slowly pulled my face closer to his own with his hold on my chin. "Why do you look so surprised, Aurelia?" He chuckled like the look on my face was somewhat funny."Y-Your H-Highness," I stuttered but his index finger rested on my lips, shushing me."I can't help but be interested in you. Have you seen you?" His smile widened. "You grow even more beautiful by the start of each day," he complimented in a voice filled with fascination like he couldn't get over it."It's impossible to stay away from you. I tried, Aurelia," his voice took a defeated tone and his shoulders slumped like he had been hurting all these
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Chapter 5
Aurelia's POV"Are you turning me down, Aurelia?" Prince Norton barked. He couldn't control his temper. He clenched down on his jaw till the vein at the side of his head popped out.His Alpha pheromones slammed me like heavy wind in a rainstorm and my knees wobbled threatening to give out."Do I have to remind you who you're standing before?" He scoffed and marched towards me.I staggered back, trying to get away from him but he caught my arm in his tight grip and pulled me against him. His other hand grabbed my chin forcing me to look into his blood lusteyes.I whimpered in fright as I twisted and turned in his grip, trying to set myself free but it proved impossible."You dare to reject me?" He asked with mock astonishment and arched his brow. His breath fanned my face and tears welled up in my eyes."You're hurting me," I whispered the words hoping he would let me go but his expression was bland and unreadable."No," he said with a slow shake of his head. "You're hurting yourself.
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Chapter 6
Aurelia's POV"The Prince wants the Royal Hall swept and mopped before morning," Maggie informed me. Her eyes were sad and she looked everywhere but me.It has been a week already. Who would've thought that time would fly so fast yet feel so slow when scrubbing the castle grounds and weeding till one becomes very familiar with looking at bloody hands?I turned down Norton a week ago and ever since, I have paid with my blood, my sweat and my tears."Maggi," I called her name in a breathy whisper. "It's 10p.m. everyone knows that the maids retire to bed once it's 10p.m." I clenched my fists by my side and bit down on my jaw. My resentment towards Norton grew inside of me like a tumour.Why wouldn't he just let me be?"I know," Maggie ran her hand up and down her arm as she shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other."But, he called me to his study and told me this. I can't make it up," I knew she wasn't lying and I wasn't saying that she was lying.I was simply on the side that
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Chapter 7
Aurelia's POVThe sound of the thin cane hitting my back made me jerk but there was nowhere to run to.The two guards who held my arm did it with such power and I wondered if I wasn't as little as I thought I was.Norton grinned maliciously as he watched them whip me with a thin but excruciatingly painful wooden cane."This will teach you not to put your hands on me," he said with satisfaction. In the end, he had dashed out only to return with a few guards to punish me, lying that I had pushed him to the ground.I counted over ten strokes with gritted teeth and when they finally left me, my back was bleeding.I was exhausted but I still had to clean the Royal Hall and I wasn't even halfway done. I cleaned myself up and got to work immediately.* * *"Ow, ow," I winced as the ice touched my shoulders but I had no choice but to relax into it."Sorry, dear, it'll be over soon," Maggie sighed as she watched Barbara, one of the maids I was
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Chapter 8
Aurelia's POVI stomped my feet on the ground over and over again to get rid of the mud under my worn out shoes. I looked up into the sky with a hand blocking the harsh rays of the sun that had made my clothes sticky with sweat.The sun should be coming down soon and once again, it will be nightfall.I dreaded the hours of the night.Our wolf senses were much sharper and stronger. Norton's guards could be close again to finding me. Our game of hide and seek was a dangerous one that I didn't enjoy but I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.Once Norton found out I was missing, he rolled out guard after guard and in all the three days of my journey, it has been nothing but fear and looking over my shoulders while keeping a watchful eye on coming across any familiar face.My clothes were torn from passing through the most unlikely places in hopes that they wouldn't follow me but their determination went beyond my expectations. I found myself running even in the middle of the night.I h
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Chapter 9
Liam's POVI ran my hands over the lapels of my dark suit as the maids polished my shoe and dressed me up with shaky hands.I watched and heard them gulp, each one of them afraid to meet my eyes. They kept their heads lowered and their hands moved in haste.I noticed they were trying not to waste my time and I was pleased at how dedicated they were to serving me and making me comfortable but I didn't see the need to hurry today."Take your time,"They jerked in shock at my voice but soon relaxed and bowed their heads before heeding to my adviceThere was no need to rush me even as the ritual wouldn't commence without my presence, I still didn't want to go so early.The Blood Moon Ritual was happening today. It was a day taken out for mates to find each other. This event happens every year but I have yet to find my mate.Every year, I sat on my throne and watched the wolves find their mate while I, their King returned with no one by my side.I felt like a personal Circus for the moon g
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Chapter 10
Aurelia's POVI felt the air sucked out of my lungs as I stared into those dark eyes that seemed to scan me like I was a piece of art ready to be explored. I wasted no time doing the same.His black hair fell across one side of his face landing on his thick dark brows that furrowed slightly in shock. Those hard jawlines looked sharp enough to cut and his lips were full and inviting.His pheromones were slowly stroking my desire, wanting to fill me with need and longing. I glanced at his arms and admired his wide shoulders and his biceps. He was simply a work of art.His focus was on me and it felt as though I could feel his hands gliding under my clothes. My mate looked like a god on that throne and the way he stared at me left me feeling naked and bare before him.I found him, Mother. I thought to myself as I touched my necklace over my scarf. My lips curled in a smile and I took a step forward in his direction when someone leaned beside him.His eyes grew darker, forcing me to halt
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