Are You Okay?

Leondre's POV

She is thrashing and crying in her sleep. I try to hold her down but she's still shaking violently.

"Baby, baby," I shake her, she wakes up and wraps her arms around me. I hold her tenderly all while eyeing Arya and Dan, they are worried too.

She pulls away from me and I wipe her tears.

"Are you okay?" Asks Arya, concerned. She nods positively

"Bad dream, I'm sorry," She says in a mild voice. I sigh and pull her onto my lap. I slip my hand around her waist and she relaxes in my embrace.

"Do you have nightmares?" Asks Dan. I see tears dance in her eyes but she sways her head away. I kiss her shoulder and she smiles slightly. I grin, happy that I made her smile with my simple gesture.

"I've been having nightmares since I shifted on my thirteenth,"

"What happened on your thirteenth birthday, baby?" I ask gently. My Ana takes a deep breath before speaking

"I killed someone, an Alpha," Silence befalls us and she looks at each one of us, searching for something, disdain? Ha
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Madel Romero Ambatali
I think there i a missing part
goodnovel comment avatar
Madel Romero Ambatali
The story line i good but the chapters are too short…i love the characters
goodnovel comment avatar
The chapters are short and this one feels like is missing a big chunk. She just got to the bathroom and boom he’s on his knees? What? Like how did that happen

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