Get Away From My Mate

Anaiah's POV

"Get away from my mate," As soon as the growl tears from Amos's chest, Leon is in front of him, growling. I gasp when he grabs and backs him into a wall. I see Alpha being lifted off the ground by the powerful King. I get out of bed and rush to them, placing a hand on my mate, and my gesture seems to soothe him. He lowers him down with a growl. As the two stare down, I can tell the difference in strength, even though they look like they are about to tear each other apart.

Amos is the first to break eye contact. He bows subtly to his King.

He turns to me and raises a hand to touch my cheek, but a growl stops him mid-way.

"How are you?" Amos's voice is soft like never before, and I'm surprised by the change of attitude. My wolf snarls at him and says something snarky. I don't answer him, instead holding my Lycan's hand.

"I want to rest now. Do you want to lie next to me?" I ask gently, and Leondre smiles, his eyes shining. He nods eagerly. I feel bad because I'm using him
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Gladys Ejike
very interesting novel
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Golden Festus
such a great novel
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Ithuteng Nkhereanye
I just love how the king loves his Luna

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