Have You Heard Of BDSM

Anaiah's POV

Arya is sweet and kind. I think she has a shopping addiction. I'm so tired my legs will be sore.

We are in the Victoria's Secret store, and It's my first time.

"Here, love," Arya gives me a set of... Omg, I got the sexy underwear from her with a blush. I've never even worn lingerie before.

"For you know," She winks, and I hide my face from her. "Those will look beautiful on you," I just put them in the basket and continue looking around. They have lingerie in all forms, shapes, and sizes. I go to another part of the store. It has less light, and my eyes get fixed on these wild toys. I get one from the shelf and inspect it. It looks painful. I shudder and put it back. As I turn, I bump into a male. I almost lost my balance and fell, but he caught me. I look up at him. He's an older man with a grey beard and a smug expression. The way he's looking at me makes me uncomfortable. I swallow and apologize for bumping into him, but his deep and hunky voice stops me.

"Do you fa
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Samantha Rhines Kelley
So far I love it!
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Love it so far
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Brandy Locklear
love this book

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