He Loves Us

Anaiah's POV

I'm sitting at the edge of a cliff, my legs dangling. I sigh as I look at the ground. If I decide to throw myself down, no one will miss me, I can end it all in a heartbeat.

'What about saga and Leondre?'

I scoffed, " You've only known him for three days and you're already attached? Don't hold your breath for him,' I answer my wolf.

'He loves us!'

'No one loves us, they always end up hating us, do you even realize that our second chance mate is the Lycan King? The most powerful man in the werewolf world. I am just an Omega, abused and hated by everyone. What if his pack is even worse than this one,' I say, angry tears running down my face. Gosh, I hate to cry.

'They will accept us because he did,' she says calmly.

'We can't be sure, I refuse to be hurt again,'

I will keep my guard up, or maybe just leave him and become rogue. I can't trust him too.

While I'm in a conversation with my wolf, a beautiful woman appears in front of me, she's shining in holy light and I c
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Mary Jhel
Love this story
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Definitely can’t wait to see what happens
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Natalia Menlendez
Love this story

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