Hello, Love

Anaiah's POV

I slowly lift my gaze as the most enticing scent of vanilla and honey fills my nostrils, my breath gets caught in my chest, and I forget how to breathe. The man walking in front of me is tall and intimidating. He's the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. He has thick jet-black hair, blazing dark blue eyes, a prominent face with high cheekbones, and a muscular body that looks like a Greek god. As soon as he entered the room, he dominated it immediately, and a wince escaped my lips. He smiles ever so gently once he nears me, and my heart skips.

My wolf is saying something frantic, but I can't hear her. I'm still in awe of him.

"Hello, Love," His voice is deep and huskily sexy. I just watch him like an idiot. No words are leaving my mouth.

"Anaiah," He whispers my name, his eyes looking at me with love. My name sounds so good on his tongue, and a shiver runs down my spine. He cups my face, and tingles run down my body.

'Mate,' I hear my wolf chant, not fucking again. I shake m
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Comments (84)
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Jessica Lynn MacRae
loving the book and I really can't wait to read more
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Shirley Mc Aleer
wow its the best yet ,can't wait to see what happens next it's so exciting
goodnovel comment avatar
Amy Colatriano
it's okay so far

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