Hello, Queen Anaiah

Anaiah's POV

I woke up a few hours later to the soft sound of rain outside, I adjusted my eyes to the room I was in, it was a hospital room and I heard voices outside the door and I recognized one, Leondre. He is talking to Arya, scolding her. I sigh and force myself out of bed and drag my legs toward them. They turn to me, looking relieved.

"You need more rest," Leondre's monotone says and I squint my eyes, is he angry at me? He better not because I'm the angry one here.

He carries me back to the room and lies me on the bed.

"How do you feel," Arya asks, stroking my hair.

"I'm fine, where's Edward,"

A low growl erupts from Leon's chest and I try not to roll my eyes. He found out that I was with him and now, he's jealous.

I extend my hand to him and he takes it.

"Can we go home now?" I ask.

"In a few, the doctor is coming to check on you first," He says. Arya excuses herself and leaves the room.

"How are you feeling,"

"I'm alright, Leon, it was just a little smoke," I laugh and he bend
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Lorna Elze-Gomez
not going to keep paying per chapter.. ridiculous
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Dawn Riches
hi how often are the chapters released?

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