My mate's eyes are closed and he's snuggled against Melody's naked body. I feel tears well in my eyes but I'm too angry to cry right now. I grab the closest lamp next to me, and throw it over their heads and startle them awake. Melody is the first to notice me and she gasps exaggeratedly, then Leon sits up with a groan, he seems to be in a daze and his eyes widen when he looks at me and then the skank in our bed.

Melody jumps out of bed, "Anaiah, forgive me, oh my, we got carried away,"

My eyes are on Leondre, he's profusely shaking his head, unable to say a word and I see fear in his gaze.

"I swear, nothing happened,"

"Leon! how can you say that! We've had the best night and-" Melody is crying now and I turn away to walk out but before I can reach the door, Leon grabs my hand and I turn around abruptly, slapping him hard.

"Don't touch me, is this how you'll always react to every argument we have? Finding comfort in the arms of another!" I shout, and tears are running down my cheeks.

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Does she not remember what Alaiah told her that melody is plotting something. she always runs away too and thinks the worst. they need to get it together for reals.
goodnovel comment avatar
Loved it hopefully it will all work out for them.

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