I Made No Promises

Anaiah's POV

The next day I was locked in my room and one of the castle guards delivered a message from Scarlett, informing me that the werebears are starting their attack at dawn when the witches least expect it since they shall be conducting a usual ceremony and Amacus and a few witches were there already to prepare.

I needed to find the remote fast so I carefully left the room, luckily there were only a few guards that I knocked out cold, before going to search Amacus's den. I scour in every drawer but I find nothing. On my way out, I meet a rogue, he almost blows a whistle to alert the others that I am here but I manage to snap his neck before he can and hide his body in a nearby closet.

I continue my search, until I reach his bedroom which is just opposite mine, it takes me a while to open the door but I do. The room smells of him and other female fragrances. I shake my head and begin to search for the remote, he couldn't have placed it where it would be easily found. After search
Sunshine Princess

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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