It Was Just A Dream

Anaiah's POV

Leondre's POV

My mate runs while crying. I face my sister and Beta, and they only shrug. I follow her scent to where she disappeared. The small passage is dark and dusty. Does anyone even live here? I see a small wooden door and open it. She is sitting in the corner of the room. Her eyes are red, and her body is trembling. I rush to her and hug her. She wraps her hands around me, and she cries silently.

"What is this place?" I hear my sister ask. I pull away to check the place out. It looks like an old walk-in closet with a small mattress that doesn't look too soft. There is a chair and a desk with books, a small mirror on the other side, and a few clothes hanging. The place doesn't have much light. It's clean and smells like cranberry.

"Baby, is this your room?" I ask. Anaiah shifts uncomfortably a little but nods. I wipe her tears from her beautiful eyes. I don't ever want to see her shed a tear of sadness. She smiles softly, moving away from me, and my Lycan whimpers
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Most of this chapter was a repeat of the last one. Chapters are short to begin with no sense in paying for the same content twice.
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Gill Waterhouse
Thoroughly enjoying this story
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I agree the last 2 chapters have been 35 points and this last chapter had 1 small scene and was only 5 pages. Such a disappointment!

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