She Has Accepted Our Rejection

Amos's POV

I was welcoming our guests for the renewal treaty celebration when something tugged on my heart. Something was wrong. My wolf Narcisse was giving me a hard time, growling and snarling at me. There are times he acts sick. He hates me, and I rejected our mate, but I can't accept her as my mate, especially my Luna. She killed my uncle.

'In self-defense!' Narcisse growls.

'No one believes her,' I retort. My uncle was a bastard, but he was still my family. She could have dealt with the situation better than killing him in cold blood.

'She was fucking thirteen years old! She had no control over her wolf, Amos. I can tell that her wolf is strong,' he says the last part proudly. Indeed, my uncle had Alpha blood and was one of the strongest wolves, but she still bested him.

Anaiah Ross is not only the most beautiful girl in the pack but even behind her dirty clothes, she can make any man bow to his knees. She has endured so many hardships since she was a little girl.

'She can make a fine Luna,' Breathes Narcisse.

'Yes, not ours. We shall make Eunice our Luna as my parents want. Her parents are strong and have been our allies for years,'

Eunice is an entitled brat and a crying baby, but I have to be with her to strengthen my pack, and she's a good fuck, but mostly when I fuck her or any other wolf, I picture Anaiah under me, her baby blue eyes, her long hair, and round breast. Her plump lips and beautiful face are enough to make me cum like a teenager for the first time.

Damn, she's the epitome of beauty. Thinking about her makes my dick hard in my jeans. I excuse myself and go to my office. I call an Omega who is more than happy. She gets on her knees and takes my long, hard cock in her mouth, and begins to move. I let out growls of pleasure and held the back of her neck, guiding her harder and faster, deep-throating me.

"More, Anaiah," I moaned, and the slutty Omega bobbed her head faster, and I groaned as I released in her mouth. She swallows my cum and gets to her feet, smiling and looking satisfied.

"Oh my Alpha, you are amazing, as usual," she purrs. I go to my desk and sit on my chair, leaning and relaxing when I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my chest. I groan and growl and the Omega comes to me worried, but I bear my sharp canines at her and she staggers, falling on her side in fear.

"Get out," I growl as the pain only intensifies.

'WHAT IS GOING ON?' I ask Narcisse. He's also in so much pain.

'Our mate has accepted our rejection,'

'NO!' I roar.

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This writing is terrible
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Marvie Xim
nice novel ...️
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Zannetta Law
Good! Feel the pain!!

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