She's A Murderer!

Anaiah's POV

Leon is coming to us with a killer smile, I almost died and I purr. Arya chuckles and I blush.

"Princess!" Dan calls, running to hug Arya. My mate stands in front of me, he puts his warm hands on either side of my neck and attaches his lips to my forehead and butterflies erupt in my stomach. My breath quivers

"I missed you, my Princess," He says, looking into my eyes. He is sincere. I miss him too but I don't say a word.

Pack members are watching us interact and I feel uncomfortable. In the corner of my eyes, I see my mother glaring at me, her hate-filled eyes are too much for me to bear, what did I ever do to her? Why does she hate me so much?

'Mother?' I try to mind link her, mother, mother, that sounds strange to my ears. It's been years since I used it.

'Dad,' I mind link again but there is no answer, I can't even feel them. Did they completely disown me too? Tears well in my eyes.

"Love, are you okay?" A distant voice asks.

"Please, excuse me," I run to the stor
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Mario Monzon
I like how the king lets his sister deal with it and just watches in approval
goodnovel comment avatar
I like the book but I feel like it’s moving a bit too fast
goodnovel comment avatar
7 pages for 35 points….such a disappointment.

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