The King's Cousin

Anaiah's POV

Staying at the Lavista family cabin has been good for me, a few days ago Arya sent someone to bring me some stuff. I spend my days watching movies and training in the area behind the cabin, close to the stream. I receive sweet messages from Leon but I only answer him vaguely though my wolf is excited to know that he loves us very much and wants us.

I'm lying in bed after supper and reading a book when my phone rings, I roll my eyes and contemplate picking it up since it's Leondre.

'I miss his voice,' Chalo whines in my head. I do too. He stops calling and I lay back in bed, continuing with the book but it rings again.

"What do you want, I'm busy," I answer.

"Hi, baby," He says in a hoarse voice, and my heart flutters, hearing his voice makes all the pain I feel in my heart disappear.

"I'm sorry for hurting you Ana, please come home, I miss you,"

I exhale and close my eyes, listening to the pounding of his heart.

"No, I still don't want to see you," I say stubbornly.

"I des
Sunshine Princess

I won't be able to update tomorrow, my two months old dog, Xavier, is unwell so I have to takecare of him, and I hope with all my heart that he gets better soon. Thanks for understanding. 

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Jessica Miller
I was thinking that too. Wiped her memory from before they took her.
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Melissa Olczyk-Mendoza
Hope your dog is feeling better
goodnovel comment avatar
I have the strangest feeling that Agatha is actually Savannah, Erickson's mate

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