They'll Pay This

Leondre's POV

I took my mate to the pack house hospital. I lay her on the bed, and the doctors asked me to leave the room, but I didn't do it. I'm not leaving her side, ever. My Beta comes to my side, putting a hand on my shoulder. I'm sure the people who were there informed him about the situation.

"Is that the Luna?" he asks, looking at the girl on the bed. The doctors attending her look wary of me because my Alpha aura is going crazy, but I can't help it. They were torturing her.

"My Ki-king, I think you should... um, leave. You won't want to see this," A tall nurse speaks in a stutter.

"She's right, and already the doctors can't do their job well. Your aura is imposing," Dan says. I shake my head. I want to see what they did to her.


The doctors turn her on her belly and tear her already torn shirt. My Beta gasps. I repress a growl and clutch my fist. Her back is red and bloody. They have been hitting her. Some cuts are so deep and unable to heal themselves. I move closer to
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Rhonda Gibson
What an idiot Alpha?? he already rejected her. Now he wants her back ha ha, it doesn't work that way. ... ...
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Kaunda Marie
very nice book
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You all need higher standards

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