Werebear Castle

Anaiah's POV

I straightened my back and face Amacus, he has a vague smile on his lips and his eyes are intense.

"It's good to see you so soon, dear Anaiah,"

"Where is my family?" I demand, looking him in the eyes, he observes me for a long time before he smiles again.

"So there is something about witches you need to know, we are also blessed with talents, and Lenet there..." He points at the brown-haired woman with piercing dark eyes wearing a dark robe that covers her hair. "Is a protege and illusions are her talents,"

"Shit," I mutter as realization just dawns on me. My family isn't here, his witch put those images in my head to lure me to the border, I start to back away, trying to mind link Leondre but I'm blocked, it's not only to him but everyone. Fuck.

"And Jafar there, can block signals while Lombe weakens you just as fast as you try to move those pretty hands of yours to open a portal," I assess the ones he mentioned and all I see in their gaze is an emptiness.

"Don't beat you
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goodnovel comment avatar
just as I thought she'd be walking in a trap.
goodnovel comment avatar
she's pregnant! how foolish of her, she could discretely confide with her mate he may b able to come up with a strategy.

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