You're Going Nowhere With My Mate!

Anaiah's POV

I open my eyes and I feel his breath on me, his grip on me is tight. I get out of it gently and go to take a shower. I look into the mirror and gasp when I see bruises on my skin and many hickeys on my neck. I sigh and get into the shower, the hot water feels good on my body. After I'm done, I wear my sweats and a tank top, I put a hoodie over my outfit because it's cold and go outside. I'd love to be in bed with my mate but I must make breakfast for the whole packhouse.

I quickly run downstairs to the kitchen to get started but I'm surprised to find Amos there. He looks to be in deep thought, in his hand is what smells like a strong coffee, I slowly back away, not wanting any trouble but he speaks.

"Stay... Please," His voice is strained. I look around and get to the other side of the counter.

"Are you alright?" I ask with difficulty, but he doesn't answer so I go to the walk-in fridge, taking out some things I need for breakfast. I take out some sausages, cheese, e
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Louise Cooke
I really like this book but the chapters seem to get shorter and we’re paying more money to unlock the shorter chapters. It’s what I do t like about this app. I am curious how much money the authors make for their stories, if they make anything!
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Really liking this book! Amos is trying to salvage his mate bond with Aniah even though he rejected her. I can’t remember if she accepted his rejection, but I think she did! He’s getting desperate and has a death wish by telling the King that he can’t take Aniah with him!
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That’s mainly his wolf talking! Amos said his wolf was in despair! But yeah Amos is trying to salvage his mate bond with Aniah!

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