The Mafia - He rules the evil

The Mafia - He rules the evil

By:  Seerat Kaur  Completed
Language: English
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Luca Guerrero was a successful businessman, but he was born in a mafia family. He was the second born of the family and didn't bother about the throne. Tragedy happened, his whole family slaughtered by the opposite mafia leader, leaving the responsibility of his elder brother's daughter ( Sienna) on him. Tragedy pushed him at the throne. He becomes the next mafia boss. He wanted a decent girl to be his daughter' mother, who could love and care for her as her own daughter. When he found out all qualities what he was looking for in Thea shallow. He blackmailed her to marry him. To know more, continue reading.. .

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45 Chapters
Chapter One
 Copyright: All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written consent of the Author. Resemblance to actual persons, things, living or dead, locales or events is entirely coincidental.                     CHAPTER ONE  ( SEVEN MONTHS AGO )       It felt, my blood was draining from my body. My mouth widened and my thinking blocked as I tried to comprehend what my mother had just said. I could not believe, but I had heard her right. I blinked my eyes as I saw him standing in front of me. His one hand was in his pocket, he was holding his glass in his second hand. There was a slight
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Chapter Two
Thea's POV        The door of my room opened with a loud thud, making me jump. I screamed while looking at the door.         " I didn't mean to scare you. " Alisa said, her hand was on her swollen stomach which was jutted out with her pregnancy of seventh months.         I instantly got up from the mattress and paced at her. I held her by arm and made her sit on the couch, " You didn't scare me. I was just lost somewhere in my thoughts. " I told her, sitting on the wooden table.        " Why do you start your day with horrible thoughts? " she said and stared at me.       I knew she wanted to forget all that and me also. But I can't help the nightmares. Her screams echoed in my ears, " You should not wander like this, especially stairs. You should rest, Alisa. " I told her.      " Perhaps, y
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Chapter Three
Thea's POV       She was smiling the whole time as she played with the others kids in the playground. It was looking like she had stepped out in this world for the first time. Alisa stood beside me, holding a smile on her lips. She was gazing at them, " You like him. " She asked.      " Sienna, yeah! She's a cute kid. " I smiled.      " I'm not talking about Sienna. " She tilted her head at me, " I saw you when you were looking at him. I haven't seen you looking at any man like this before, indeed you don't pay attention to opposite sex after whatever happened to us. " She said.      I tucked my hair behind my ear and glanced down at the grass, " He's married. " I told her. Indeed, I was feeling hurt that he was married but not to me.      " He adopted Sienna. She is the daughter of his late brother and sister in law. That's why I always
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Chapter Four
Thea's POV        Every morning, I saw a glimpse of Mr Guerrero, when he came to drop Enna. I was feeling bad for her. She lost her parents but Luca is an amazing father. He has a busy life but he did not forget to give time to his daughter. My eyes covered with water when Enna's caretaker told me she didn't miss her mother in these past days because of me. I never felt this special.       It doesn't look, I know Enna for merely a week. It seems years.        I took out the blue file. It was proof of my freedom from unwanted relationships. Indeed Neither it was marriage nor any relationship. I didn't try to ask him why he did this deal with my mother. All I wanted to get rid of was the cage of his beautiful mansion. " Thea! Do you want me to come upstairs? " Alisa's loud voice resonated in the whole house.      " Coming Alisa. " I said loudly.&nbs
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Chapter Five
Thea's POV        I frowned as I didn't know where the library was. It was quite impossible for me to find it without wasting hours. " Do you want anything? " He asked, emerging himself in front of me.        I winced and found him behind me. He was still wearing his suit, " Yes, Enna is sleeping. I think I should go home now. " I told him. I was feeling really awkward as I was standing in front of me in my nightclothes.       He took out his phone and held it for me. I looked at him confusingly, " Hello, Thea. " Familiar female voice came.       I quickly grabbed it from his hand and turned off the speaker mode. I brought it up to my ear, " Alisa, Are you alright? Why are you up till now? It's too late. " I told her.      " Relax, Thea. I've sent your clothes and personal things. " I furrowed my eyebrows as I didn't get the me
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Chapter Six
  Thea's POV         Walking out of his private plane, we got in his car. Enna sat between us. She climbed in his lap and was glancing out of the window.  She held my hand and took it in her lap. It compelled me to lean closer to them. My eyes widened, when I felt his hand on my waist, tugging me toward them. I was staring at him with parted lips. He raised his brows. I quickly shifted my gaze out of the window.        " We'll see the Eiffel tower. " Enna giggled.        " Sure, sweetheart. Tomorrow. " He said.        I kept quiet all the time and kept my eyes out. I ignored the flip in my stomach when my arm was brushing his torso. I looked at him through the corner of my eyes. His eyes were on mine.       This feeling is strange. When he comes near to me, I want to run away. When he's away I want him around me. 
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Chapter Seven
Thea's POV        His ' I do ' completely numbed me. We were surrounded by white sand and blue ocean water. Sea was calm as it wanted to witness our wedding. My white dress was moulded on every curve of mine. My veil was hiding my eyes. Beach was decorated with all kinds of white flowers. Everything was at stake. Particularly, who was my family for the last seven months, Alisa. Dylan could kill her and could throttle her happiness. Luca promised me to keep her secure. I was given one option ' Agree with him. '     " As soon as you both shall live. " I heard him and a waft of light breeze brush my skin. This was a huge commitment. How will I keep it when there's no love between us. He had already spoken his decision with the sourness of his tongue.      I blinked as the first ray of sun kissed his skin, one side of his face, making his skin glow and beyond handsome. I was holding my breath, "
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Chapter Eight
Luca's POV      I hurtled my phone on the mattress. I could not take out her shocked face and painful expressions. I didn't mean to hurt her, but she doesn't know, what is going to walk in? She knows and thinks what pure souls on this earth think about me. I know, I compelled her to be at this wedding. But I wasn't regretting it. I can't let anything happen to Sienna. After losing my whole family in a barbaric slaughter, her smile is my priority. I haven't seen her glad before, Sienna loves her. She made her place in her heart in less than a week. I've changed her preschool in the past two weeks more than fifteen times. I like Thea from her first look when she caught stumbling Sienna. She plucked my heart when she turned her back to have a bullet for my daughter. It determined me to take this decision. Her reality was already clear to me when I thought to have the admission of Sienna in her school. This marriage is just for Sienna. I haven't any i
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Chapter Nine
 Thea's POV          I tucked my hair over the mark. He's a beast. I haven't seen anyone doing this to his wife. He marked my body. My dress wasn't helping to hide it. Why was he bothering about the ring? I can't live my life with his rules.      Someone knocked on the door. I sauntered and opened it. He was standing, hands in his pocket. I rolled my eyes and turned. But he grabbed my wrist, " What do you want? " I tried to push him away. Who knows, he can bite me again.      " You, " he huskily said.      Shockingly, my eyes gazed at him, " Excuse me. " I wrinkled my lips. I still remember his words last night.      He tucked my hair back my shoulder, revealing my mark, " It's better now. " he whispered.      What was he trying to prove? " Don't forget you have a daughter. Who'll see it
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Chapter Ten
 Thea's POV        I brushed my hand over her forehead and kissed her head. She's a cute doll and deserves all the happiness in the world. With Luca at her side, her smile will never leave her lips. I wasn't feeling sleepy. Michelle was staying with her until I returned back home. I bathed. After it, I walked out toward the garden.        " Ma'am, you can't go outside. " Adrik said, stopping me in my way.        " I'm not going outside. I just need a walk. " I told him.       " Sorry, ma'am. It's an order. Boss is attending an important meeting in the backyard garden. " He said.       " What's happening, Adrik? " Magro said.       " He's not allowing me to go out for a walk. " I said to him.      " I apologize ma'am. Boss is discussing an important meetin
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