The One Night Stand

The One Night Stand

By:  Symplyayisha   Completed
Language: English
14 ratings
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Connor came back home drunk one midnight and had his way with one of the maids who they both secretly had feelings for each other. She got pregnant and despite being in a serious relationship with his lover, there was pressure to marry Nancy because of the unborn child as the Martins' do not abandon their flesh and blood. How will the duo who hate each other so much make this work?

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good book to read
2023-10-30 11:12:51
default avatar
Fabulous story!!! Loved it
2023-10-18 02:40:48
user avatar
Grace Mendoza
i love the story very much
2023-09-22 10:05:30
user avatar
Karen Douglas
Amazing read!! kept me on my toes!! Couldn't put it down!! love it thank you
2023-07-21 14:26:40
user avatar
Brenda De La Mater
Excellent read!!
2023-07-03 21:30:42
default avatar
Daphne Williams
Good read. Loved the ending.
2023-06-23 07:15:39
default avatar
Adriana P
Good book, I feel it was a little different from your others. Now I can’t wait for updates on: Forced Affair
2023-06-22 00:20:20
user avatar
good book but very slow updates
2023-05-16 20:03:28
default avatar
Very nice story but can’t wait all the time for updates ...
2023-04-17 16:05:54
default avatar
Nice story a bit similar to Mine forever! Looking forward to reading through. But you never finished the book Forced Affair. What’s happening?
2023-03-04 18:21:01
user avatar
Lamiya Chowdhury
nice story line, expecting a great journey witt ur writing...
2023-02-10 19:17:56
user avatar
Lilian Nell
Great book please update soon. Can't wait to read next chapters...
2023-02-04 05:52:17
user avatar
Joanne Tomkins
omg love love this book up to now please update soon cant wait to see what happens between connor and nancy
2023-02-03 21:17:48
user avatar
Evelina Diesta
very nice, awesome
2023-02-08 12:51:49
77 Chapters
Chapter One
Nancy's lips curved into a smile as she approached her bedside drawer. She opened the drawer and took out her phone. It wasn't a fancy one. In fact, it was almost dead with a rubber band holding the battery just so the phone would be in one piece. She knew she needed another cell phone but it just wasn't a priority right now.She plopped down on the edge of her bed and dialed the number she had been wanting to hear from since morning.The person on the other end picked up after a few rings."My love,"Nancy's smile got bigger when the calm voice came through."Hi Daddy, How are you?""I'm fine. Thought you were not going to call tonight.""Sorry about that. There were just so many chores to do. That's why I didn't call earlier.""Are you sure you're fine? Are they treating you well over there? Are you eating well? You know you can always come back home? We miss you and I promise we will find a way to make things work. I don't mind looking for an extra job."Nancy's heart melted and sh
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Chapter Two
Connor's father, Aaron Martin was a very disciplined man and she knew Connor was going to be in a lot of trouble if the old man saw him like that. For someone who took reputation seriously, Aaron sure was going to give his Son a heavy piece of his mind.Considering how muscular and heavy Connor was, Nancy was glad there was an elevator which made taking him to his room a lot easier. Connor's room was the last on the left wing and after what felt like forever, they got there.Connor's room was like an apartment on its own. It had everything one could think of to make a modern room. It also had an exit that led to the pool area/ personal lounge.The moment she helped him into his room, Nancy turned around to take her leave."Wait!!!" He said in a commanding tone and she had no choice but to answer him."Water!"Nancy Internally rolled her eyes but did as he said. She went to his nightstand, poured water from the jug into the glass cup, and brought it to him.Connor accepted it with shak
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Chapter Three
"You like it, don't you?" He continued twisting her nipples with his finger, applying a bit of pressure. Connor loved the fact that her nightie was silk. It was almost as if he was smooching her bare body."Don't be shy when you are with me. I know you want me as much as I want you. Feel free to look at me when I'm naked. Feel free to ask me for anything. Can you feel this?" He pressed himself against her so she would feel the bulge in his pants."This is what you do to me, baby girl."Nancy let out a soft moan at what she felt.Conner smiled. He sneaked his hand under her nightie."You just know what to do to get my attention every fucking time." He whispered against her neck the moment he noticed she wasn't putting on panties.Connor parted Nancy's legs so he could get a good grip of her pussy. His urge for her doubled when he felt her clean shave. It was so smooth and calling his name. Finally, he ran a finger over her pussy and it was then he knew he didn't regret making her stay.
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Chapter Four
She wanted to say something but words failed her. Her lips were quivering instead."Get the fuck out of my room and shut the door!" He sat on the edge of the bed."Connor?!" She called out to him but got no response.She proceeded to where he was seated."Don't come near me!!!!"She ignored him and still approached him."What the hell is wrong with you?"He said nothing."We just fucked and now you're telling me to leave?"He looked into her eyes and she couldn't help but wonder why he was looking pissed."What were you expecting me to say?""We just fucked Co...""Oh please shut the fuck up!" His voice was loud and clear. "Are you the first woman I've fucked?"Nancy sniffled, trying to hold back her tears. "Don't you dare raise your voice at me!""You realize who you're talking to? I think you want to lose your Job.""Connor, are you being serious right now?!!!" Nancy felt as though She was going crazy.."Do I look like I'm playing games? And it's Mr. Martin to you. You have no right
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Chapter Five
"What are you doing here, mom?" He asked with his eyes on her. Not pleased to see her."What do you mean what am I doing here? This is my home," She reminded him. Connor internally rolled his eyes and made his way into the room."You can come back for cleaning," Lilian said to Nancy who nodded and took her leave.Lillian proceeded into her Son's room with the tray.By the time she got in, he had already put on a shirt."It is so unlike you to be in the house by this time. No work today?" Lillian said as she placed the tray on the table in his room which was just opposite his bed. It contained his breakfast, properly covered, and a mug of coffee."I was about to go get ready when you all interrupted me.""Are you sure you're okay? You look terrible. Or is the workload at the office too much for you? You know I can always speak to your father." Lilian said as she stood before her son.Despite being in her early fifties, She radiated a lot of power, beauty, and prestige. She was indeed
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Chapter Six
"Go....Good morning, Sir." Cynthia stammered as she rose to her feet, upon sighting her Boss, Connor. "Update!!" He snapped at her. "The meeting with the Wahlia's. I tried to reschedule with them but they insisted that they would wait till you come." "They are in the conference room, Sir." "I'll see them in 15 minutes." "Okay, sir." "What else?" "Four calls came in for you. All very important Sir. I told them we would get back to them before the end of the day." The secretary said at a go. "I'll take them after the meeting." "Okay, sir." "Anything else?" "Miss Alicia said she had some really important stuff to discuss with you." "Tell her to fuck off." Connor was about to take his leave but stopped when her voice came through. "I tried to tell her Mr. Martin. I tried my best but She was able to get past your office while I was on call, attending to the clients." "You're fired!!!" Connor answered, resuming his steps. "Please Sir, Don't fire me." She took quick steps, run
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Chapter Seven
Connor was meant to be at the house by 7:30 and since they didn't see him as promised, and neither was he picking up their calls, they started eating dinner without him.Halfway through their desert, the very familiar face graced them with his presence."Holy shit!" Nadia didn't realize how loud she said that when she saw her younger brother."What the heck?!" Lilian mumbled, dropping her cutlery."It's nothing. I'm fine. Sorry, I'm late." He mumbled, avoiding their eyes, then made his way over to the table, beside his sister. He drew out the chair for himself, sat comfortably then helped himself with a glass of water. Knowing all eyes were on him, he hoped the water would help in calming his nerves."This morning, it's a cut on your wrist and now you're home with a broken head. What the hell is going on, Connor?" Lilian literally said at the top of her voice."What's going on, Son?" Connor's father's voice came through when he said nothing."I'm fine. A car ran into me. I wasn't putt
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Chapter Eight
"What the hell is wrong with you, Connor? Why will you lay your hands on a woman? I'm starting to think Dad is right about you. What the hell has come over you?! What the actual hell dude?""You're going to regret this!!" Connor directed at Nancy after which he stormed out of their sight.Seeing how scared she was, Nadia held one of her shoulders. "I'm sorry on his behalf. I really don't know what has come over him but he's going to apologize for his unruly behavior. I'm so sorry.""It's fine," Nancy mumbled."Thank you." Giving her a light squeeze, Nadia excused herself, running after her brother who was already entering his car.Just when she was losing hope, She knocked on the window, and luckily, her brother wound down."I know you hate everyone so much right now but for the sake of old times, can you spare me Five minutes?""I'm not in a good mood,Nadia""I know better than to lecture you now that you are not in a good mood. Just let me in. Please."After a second of silence, Con
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Chapter Nine
After driving at a very high speed for the past one hour to nowhere in particular, Connor heaved a deep sigh, slowing down. Never has he had this kind of urge to go to the club but thinking about it, he was not in a good shape at all.His long sleeve shirt would do a perfect job in hiding the bandage on his wrist but the one on his head was just too visible. Paparazzi always got a good glimpse of him whenever he went into and out of the club and the last thing he wanted was to give them something huge to talk about. Before heading home, he had put everything in place to ensure that a word about the little accident was not heard and the last thing on his mind was to ruin everything.Taking another deep breath, not caring if it was late, he reached for his phone and dialed the second number on his call log."Where the fuck are you dude? I've picked some really hot chicks for you. You're going to love them. But where the hell are you? We are all waiting for you.""Can you keep your voic
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Chapter Ten
"That bastard!!" Alero shrieked over the phone."You should have slapped the hell out of him.""And have his parents fire me? This job is my ticket to financial freedom and I'm not ready to let go of it over anyone or anything.""I know. So what are you going to do now?""Nothing.""Nothing??!""Yes. I'll just continue to stay away from him.""What do you mean? You are literally not the one at fault. You did nothing to him. You were only there to serve him some food when he blew up."Nancy sighed as she plopped down on the edge of her bed, still holding her phone against her ear."I still wonder why he feels that way about me.""Don't tell me you're starting to feel sad? Girl, he isn't worth it!""No, this is way beyond sad. Even though I promised myself that I'm not going to think about it anymore, I just can't help but wonder what went wrong."I never knew he noticed me because whenever I'm around him, it's almost as if I'm inexistent. I had no idea he noticed me peeping at him and
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