The Secret of the Fierce Ex-Wife
The Secret of the Fierce Ex-Wife
Author: Chrysnah May


~Chrysnah's POV~

Before you read please, I would like to remind you that this book has also a mature scene.

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The heavy rain poured down, Jean’s stomach suddenly hurt. She is alone at home so she is having a hard time with her situation. She was also away from her family because her boyfriend only let her live in that house. They secretly get together. She would have liked to call a man the father of the child she deliver. She was about to go to the room to pick up the phone but she could not reach it because she was lying on the floor and screaming in pain in her stomach.

“Help… I feel sorry for you to help me,” Jean shouted with tears in her eyes.

She heard someone enter her house. She was encouraged because she thought she and her son were saved.

“Brother, I feel sorry for you. I am about to give birth. Please take me to the hospital so that my son can save us. ”

“Boss, the woman is just here. She is about to give birth.” Said a man. She does not know the man, but she is trying to get asleep.

That was all Jean heard, as she was slowly weakening. Her water had burst, and she could feel the boy’s head coming out.

“Take the child because his head has come out.”

“All right boss,” the man took the child without hesitation.

It came out, and that was loud. A very handsome child, the staff carried the child even though it was filled with blood.

“What are we going to do with his mother and the child?”

“Your gun give it to me.” His boss pointed the gun at the woman. The woman cried and cried. It begged him not to shoot and not to touch the child.

“I feel sorry for you. Why do you want to shoot me? Don’t we have anything in common? What am I to you?” that’s all Jean said.

“We don’t have Jean, I just use you. I never thought you would get pregnant. Didn’t I tell you to take pills? You know I’m married.” The man answered.

“What?! You never told me you were married. You’re kidding me, you don’t matter. ”

“Shut up Jean, you can easily be dazzled by money because you have clung to the knife because of your poverty. You are so stupid. I thought you were smart. You were still considered the top student on our campus then and then you just agreed to be your sidekick,” the man said insultingly.

“You’re crazy, you’re such a worthless and irresponsible man,” Jean replied while crying.

“We’re both worthless, so don’t say I’m the only one who’s fine, just shut up forever.”

“What are you going to do to me? Don’t say you will continue to shoot me. ”

“If that’s what we can keep quiet, Jean. I hope you will be happy in another world.” Goodbye man.

“Remember this day, I will not silence you and your conscience. What you do to me will also come back to you. Give me my child.” Jean’s pleading.

“Shut up… Bongsss! Bongsss!” A loud sound from the gun heard from the other place next to their place.


Lora and Martha heard two gunshots as her stomach ached. She is writhing in pain because she is also delivering a child. Martha was not taken to the hospital because the child’s head had come out of her mother’s womb.

“Go ahead, take a deep breath and push! The child will come out soon, at least,” said Lora, Martha’s sister.

“Sister, I can’t take it anymore. I’m weak. Where is my husband? ”

“You can do that. I don’t know where your husband has been since he was gone and it’s raining so hard.”

“Sister, how is my husband?” Martha said worriedly.

“What are you! Is your husband still on your mind? Concentrate on your childbirth. Let’s put all your strength out first so that the child can come out completely. ”

“Ahhhhhhhh…” a healthy girl came out. She cried out loud as Martha fainted.

Lora cleaned up her niece. Her daughter Lira and his husband Deme were away because they were on vacation in the province, so they were the only ones left in the house. Fortunately, Martha survived her childbirth.



The man shot his fixture, while his men witnessed what was happening. So he ordered it to be quiet and only the two of them kept it a secret.

“Boss, what are we going to do with the woman and the child?”

“Throw it in the river or bury it in the forest. Take that child to her mother to be thrown away or buried in the ground.” The order of his boss.

As the man watched the boy, he felt pity for him. As well as to the mother of the child. His boss was so bad, he would do everything to cover up his mistake with his wife.

The man just buried the woman Jean, but he resurrected the child. His conscience did not allow him to kill the child. His boss had left earlier, and he did not know that his staff had not killed the child. He took the child to a quiet place. He did not tell his boss what he had done.


The next day, Martha woke up, but she was still looking for her husband. It was an idiot looking outside.

“Martha, eat your breakfast first so that your breasts will have more milk because your child is already crying and hungry.” Said Lora.

“Sister, I don’t want to until I see my husband.”

“Whatever is happening to you, don’t worry too much. Nothing happened to your husband. Maybe his boss didn’t send him home because it rained so hard last night. So please eat. ”

Martha was still silent. Lora’s husband and daughter came from the province. Her daughter is still small when she is only two years old.

“Oh! Deme, it’s good you’re here. How was your vacation? Did Lira enjoy it?

“Yes, it’s okay. The child is fortunate. Oh, has your sister already given birth? I saw a child lying in the living room.” Deme asked.

“Ah! Yes, last night, she was having a hard time. It’s good that she survived. It’s good to have a child. ”

“Oh! That’s good. Where is her husband? ”

“That is the problem because her husband has not come home yet. Maybe his boss didn’t send him home because of the heavy rain last night. According to her, she was anxious about her husband.” Said, Lora.

“Maybe her husband will just go home. Maybe he will let them know if they leave with his boss.” Deme replied.

“So that’s it! Come on, let’s eat lunch. I’m good at cooking. ”

“Mom, who is this child?” Lira asked.

“Ah! You cousin, baby. Case I don’t know what her name is yet. I will ask your aunt what to name her. ”

“Ok Ma, can I be her playmate when she’s able to walk?” said Lira.

“Of course, dear, you shouldn’t fight your cousin, ha!


Six months later.

Martha’s husband still hadn’t come home. Lora noticed that something was strange about Martha’s behavior. She speaks to itself, always confined to the room. One day, Lora called Martha to eat.

“Martha, get out of there in your room and we will eat. Your child is already waiting. Martha…Martha .. ”

No one answered Lora, she was nervous. What could have happened to Martha? She looked for the key to its room when she opened it. She could not see her not even a shadow of Martha. She was even more nervous; she said in her mind. So where is Martha? What happened to her? Hopefully, they can find Martha.

The man no longer had contact with his wife. He continued to care for the child alone. Only then did he remember his wife had also given birth. He lost his mind because of what his boss asked him to do. She was suddenly sad as she watched the child. He dared to contact his former employer for help.

“Hello boss, do you still remember me?”

“I know the voice. Why didn’t you show up to me after what happened? Is there something I don’t know about what you did? Just make sure you don’t talk because if I find out, I’ll follow you to that woman.” Answer by his boss.

“I’m not hiding anything. I just walked away. Because I can’t face my family every time I remember what you did to the woman. ”

“So, that’s how it is! What do you need from me?”

“I would like you to give me money to spend for my silence, because if you don’t give it to me. I will not hesitate to report to you. ”

“Are you scaring me? Thank you. I’m not in front of you but I shot you.” His boss replied angrily.

“All right, it’s easy to talk to me if you don’t want to give.”

“All right, I will send money for your silence. Just make sure you stay away and don’t bother me anymore. ”

“Okay boss, I’m easy to talk to. I will wait for the money. ”

Lora and Deme look for Martha, but they don’t know where to find her sister. They sent a blotter to the police station so that if anyone saw Martha, someone could provide information.



Martha wandered down the road. She had gotten everywhere. She hadn’t taken a bath for a few days, and the people he approached were chasing him away.

“Where is my husband? My child just waits, I will just look for your Dad.” Martha spoke to herself as she walked down the street.

“Ms., where is your house? Do you have a relative here? ”

“Don’t touch me because I don’t know you.”

“Ms., don’t be afraid. I just care”

“Don’t say that!” Huhu…

Martha ran hard to cross to the other side of the street, but she collided with a speeding car. The impact of the collision was so strong that she fled. ”

What will happen to Martha? Will her sister still see her?

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