When Kyla's dad found out what happened to Cecilia so he immediately went to the hospital.

Kyla hugged her father. She cried all the time while her father comforted her.

"Kyla, what happened to your mother?"

“He was shot by Mr. Roa’s child. Mom used to have two hooks.”

“What?! She didn't make it to the hospital, huhu!”

"Stop! I know it's hard for you to feel right now, but I'll still be here.” Rodney answered Kyla's father.

"Thank you dad, isn't your wife angry that you came here?"

"Why would he be angry? You are part of my life, so she has no right to stop me?"

“Dad, Karl, and I are the only ones left. Maybe Karl will be here with me first because if he had no one to take care of him in the province, grandma would be weak even if mom’s brother was still there.”

“It’s even better.” Answered her dad.

“Ahh! Dad, before mom died, she told m

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