Mad House

Cadel's POV

After Nicole's brash confrontation with Cecilia, the room fell into a thoughtful silence. Cecilia's eyes flickered with suppressed emotions as she briefly avoided meeting our gazes, perhaps acutely aware of the rift her actions had caused.

Nicole, on the other hand, remained stoic, her expression guarded as she picked at her food, seemingly unfazed by the lingering hostility in the room. The tension between her and Cecilia stewed beneath the surface, threatening to spill over at any moment.

Cecilia's fingers drummed impatiently on the table, her jaw still clenched with frustration. Finally, unable to contain herself any longer, she spoke, her voice sharp and cutting.

"You think you can come into my home and tell me how I should behave?" Cecilia's eyes blazed with defiance as she locked gaze with Nicole. “You came here unannounced and it's taking every fiber of my being not to kick you sorry lot out. So, while I begrudgingly extend my invitation, you all would do well to re
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