Happily ever after

After 5 years, Luca became the most feared mafia boss in the world. After Alexi's death, everyone began to be cautious in front of him. They all know he is the one behind Alexi's death, but no one is courageous enough to point that fact out loud.

Now everyone is scared to trifle with him. They are fearing for their lives. They think they might end up as Alexi, who was killed by his brother. No one understood how Luca managed to turn the brothers against each other, but he did.

The end result is, Ivan killed his own brother and is now the boss of the Russian mob. Ivan did not know the full extent of Luca's involvement in his brother's death. He thinks Luca helped him. But the truth is far from it.

Luca used Ivan to remove the threat called Alexi permanently. Which Ivan would never find out.

Lizzie married Emanuel and Marco is dating a nice girl. Elijah found a partner, whom he met in Liquid toxin and they are happily living together now.

Luca began to op


Thank you everyone for reading my book and supporting me. I will come up with more stories. Hope you like them as well. Thank you

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Ijeoma Esther Sam-oburu
wonderful work. looking forward to another.
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Denise Bostic
Excellent job
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Clarissa Rickabaugh
i loved this book so much ...️ thank you
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