To Hate My Stepbrother

To Hate My Stepbrother

By:  Josephine Ivy   Completed
Language: English
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“I hate you. I’ve always hated you.” He gruffed in annoyance and I snorted while folding my arms. “Best believe the feeling is fucking mutual.” “Care to explain why you’re always giving me the ‘look’ then?” He demanded, a smirk tugging at the sides of his lips. “What stupid look?” “Like you want me to fuck you.” ~~~ It was a hate-at-first-sight thing. Ava and Mason got off an extremely wrong foot and hoped to never cross parts again. Neither of them expected that the next time they’d be seeing each other again, is to be officially introduced to one another as step siblings. Things didn’t get better from there, it got worse. Especially now that they had to live in the same house. Things drastically take a left turn when their parents plans a ‘first family’s vacation’, but were unable to make an appearance as scheduled because of some last minute changes, leaving Ava and Mason by themselves, all alone on an island. For three weeks. Ava passionately hated Mason, until she didn't. Till she couldn’t pretend to not notice how insanely good looking he was… till she couldn’t pretend to be immune to Mason’s intense gaze and lingering touches… Till she couldn’t deny that she wanted Mason to play her curvy body like she was his favorite guitar… Till she couldn’t deny that she had gone ahead and fallen head over heels, for Mason.

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Chapter 1
Ava’s POV“Oh shit! Shit!” I hissed as I jumped out of bed and hurriedly made my way to my bathroom. I had a presentation today and I had stupidly slept in! I really shouldn’t be blamed cause I was completely tired and knocked out from all the research and reading I’d had to do last nightI put my hair into a high ponytail as I scampered out of my building, I also had to walk to the bus stop, I sighed as I hurriedly walked and it was as though I was walking on hot coal, thanks to the insanely hot weather.I heard footsteps as I walked, my presentation material was cradled carefully in my arms and I held it tightly against my chest.It all happened in a few seconds. One moment, I was walking briskly while going over my presentation in my head, and the next moment, out of nowhere, a solid mass of muscles collided against my side, propelling me sideways.The collision had been so intense and sudden, I stumbled and lost my footing. I staggered and in a bid to keep my foot on the ground,
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Chapter 2
Ava’s POV “You look like the real definition of a thoroughly beaten horse.” One of my friends commented and I only rolled my eyes.“Tell me about it.” I huffed out as I sank into the spot next to her. By the look of things, it was obvious that the entire class were done presenting their projects, and all that’s remaining is the quiz test which was supposed to be held after the presentation.This subject itself was a really important one and I couldn’t afford to fail it, and I have no idea of how well I’d do without my presentation.I wrote my test and I made sure I did my best. I answered the questions I knew and I silently hoped it was going to be enough, especially since I hadn’t presented any project.I waited nervously, resting my head in my palms and lightly drumming my fingers on the table. I couldn’t wait to get my papers back and see how I’d done.“Ava,” The professor’s voice was loud as she spoke and I immediately, I knew I had fucked up. Whatever she wanted to say would b
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Chapter 3
Ava’s POV I watched TV with my mum throughout the night and had even fallen asleep on the couch. The excitement of my mother’s engagement still filled the air and mum’s excitement was really contagious.The week went on slowly as I kept going to school and back, my mum wouldn’t stop talking about her fiancée and of course, I was genuinely happy for her.She deserves to finally find happiness again.“What do you think about this?” My mum asked and I lifted my gaze from my phone to find her dressed in a gorgeous white dress.She looked really beautiful and the smile she had on made her look even prettier, the preparation for the wedding was starting to take place and I’d decided I was going to follow her to try some dresses on.Although she'd decided she didn't want a big, fancy wedding, I insisted she got dressed like a bride at least and I was happy when she agreed.“Mum, you look really beautiful.” I answered as I stood up and examined the dress, it was the perfect size and the de
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Chapter 4
Ava’s POV The hustle and bustle in our house grew as we prepared for my mother’s wedding ceremony. I was stressing over my mum’s wedding as much as mum herself was doing.I woke up with my head pounding, I’d slept really late from planning late into the night, and this was the result. I winced as I opened my eyes and realized that my curtain was up, the ray of the sun brightening up my room was quite uncomfortable as I stood up, I placed my palm on my face as I slowly made my way to the window to drop the curtain, making my room a little bit darker.I excitedly did the happy dance to my bathroom as I hummed a song, while brushing my teeth. The day we’ve all been anticipating was finally here and I just can’t wait to capture every beautiful moment in my heart.I took a long glance at the powdered blue gown laid on my bed and I picked it up to hold it against my body for a few seconds.I went back to the bathroom to have my bath, I’d done all the necessary things I needed to do, and
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Chapter 5
Ava’s POV “I was about to introduce you to your stepbrother, his name’s Mason.” My mother’s voice kept on ringing in my head and all of my attempts to shake it off proved futile as the horrible stranger who’d cost me a lot still stood in front of me.My chest clenched as I struggled to breath, it was as though I’d suddenly forgotten how to breath properly. What the hell was going on right now?He was the one who’d made me lose my presentation. I failed a very important test and he revealed absolutely no sign of remorse and had even attacked me.There was no way he was my stepbrother, all of the activities going on around us seemed to be on hold as I tried to gather my bearings.“There’s no fucking way that this asshole is my stepbrother!” I yelled as I pointed a finger in his direction, I was causing a scene but I didn’t care and I could tell that my mother and stepfather were surprised at my outburst.“What do you mean, Ava?” My mother asked softly, she was trying to calm me down b
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Chapter 6
Ava’s POV I woke up extremely early, I turned to look at my bedside alarm and it turned out that it was still 5 AM. Making my way to the bathroom, I got ready for school. I was still mad about a lot of things. I wasn’t mad at my mother’s wedding, it’s was the fact that, that jerk is now my step brother.Yuck. It didn’t take me long to get ready for school. I was determined to not think about the new development of my life this morning, but it couldn’t be helped.On my way to school, I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was going to have to mow address that jerk as my brother. I would rather walk on hot coal than do that.But, he really is going to be my brother and I wasn’t sure I even have any other choice than to acknowledge him as that. I sighed as I took my seat in the classroom, and the empty seat beside me was enough to instantly remind me of my best friend’s absence.I missed her so much, if she were around right now, then I would’ve had someone to vent
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Chapter 7
Ava’s POV I didn’t have any class tomorrow so that only meant that I could sleep late and wake up anytime I wanted. Although, my body is used to going to bed late and waking up extra early.I dropped the call with my mum and after a while of surfing the internet, I retired to bed to rest for a while. Closing my eyes, I soon fell asleep.The ray of the sun that made its way into my room made me shift uncomfortably on my bed. I should’ve worn my eye mask before falling asleep, was the first thought that popped into my head.I reluctantly stood from the bed to drop the curtain and since I was up already, I decided I was going to use the rest of the day to do the few house chores laying around. I cleaned up the house and made breakfast and just when I’d finished making breakfast, I heard a knock on the door.Rushing to open the door, I found my mum standing there with a hat on and her bags in hand, while the rest of her things were behind her on the ground.“Mum!” I shrieked as I thre
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Chapter 8
Ava’s POV The hustling and bustling of my mum moving the boxes we had packed together the previous night jolted me awake. I got up in time to get ready and assist with the packing. Getting ready to move, I made my way to the bathroom and freshened up before joining my mum outside to wait for Danny.I took a side glance at my mother before clearing my throat. I really wasn’t happy about the new development, which is why I wished I hadn’t told her about my hatred for school dormitories, then she’d have definitely not have bated an eye at me asking her if I could go live there.“Mum, just please. I’ll get a good apartment, I’ll move in with good people and you do know that you can trust me to take very good care of myself.” I tried to convince once again but I knew her mind was already made up when she let out a long sigh.“Ava!” She called out in a small sigh and I immediately understood. My fate has been sealed and whether I like it or not, I’m going to have to accept Danny as my
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Chapter 9
Ava’s POV I unpacked my things and arranged my room to my taste, it took about an hour for me to be able to finally finish unpacking. I picked up my phone to check the time and it was 6:30 PM. I dialled my best friend’s number again and as usual it went to voicemail.Perhaps the Internet connection in where she currently is is extremely shitty.I miss her a lot and if she were around, I would have told my mum to let me stay with her instead. I sighed as I laid back on the extremely big and comfortable bed. The bed was two times bigger than my bed back at our old house and the bedroom was so spacious and stuck up, it almost made me feel grateful that my mother hadn't given Into my request to move into the school dorms.The bedroom had a large closet which was also stuck with a lot of high quality brand new clothes which I really favoured, all in my size. My mum must have definitely given him a hint in that aspect.I reminded myself to thank Danny for that later today. The room also
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Chapter 10
Ava’s POV I groaned as I sat up on my bed the next morning. it was comfortable and I wished I didn’t have to leave it. I took another glance around my room and I smiled fondly.I loved everything about my new bedroom, the space, the brightness, the aesthetics, and the interior, along with everything in it. Everything about it is just so appealing to me, except of course for Mason.The thought of him made me frown and I hissed and rolled my eyes at the thought. He wasn’t only bugging my life, he was also hell bent on invading my dream, telling from the stupid music stunt he had played last night. I ran my fingers through my hair as I tried to brush the thought of him to the back of my head.I’m not going to let someone as stupid and irrelevant as him ruin my day!Turning to my bedside table, I picked up my phone and went through my reminders. I have two classes to attend today, one of which isn’t my best class.I stood up from the bed and made my way to the bathroom, freshening up a
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