Trio of Mates

Trio of Mates

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Zack clears his throat. "We have been dreaming about Brandon Snow." "Ahhh," Lucille says, smiling and nodding her head. "The future Beta. And a white wolf to boot. Your future pups will be quite beautiful with Charlie's chocolate coloring and Zak's reddish hue. The three of you will make wonderful parents." Zak's mouth drops open and Charlie squeaks out, "Our future... pups!" "What do you know of Selene and her mates?" Lucille asks. "Mates? I only know of one mate. Pan," Charlie says. "As the god of the wild and the goddess of the moon, Pan and Selene's children became werewolves. Wild creatures who were controlled by the moon." "Ahhh. Is that what they are teaching the young pups now? That Selene only had one mate? I knew that they didn't want mate trios any longer, but I didn't know that they would attempt to change even Selene's story," Lucille chuckles. "Alpha, Luna, do you truly believe that if there was no humanity in their coupling that we would be human at all?" "Wait. What?" Zak says. "If we were only children of Pan and Selene, we would always be wild creatures. Nymphs, satyrs, centaurs. But we aren't. Of course, we could remain in our wolf form all the time if we wish, but we always have the ability to shift into human form. No, young ones, Selene had two mates. One, the god Pan. The other, a human man named Endymion. We get our wolves from Pan, our pull to the moon from Selene, and our human selves from Endymion," Lucille says. "Why..." Zak licks his lips and starts again. "Why weren't we told this?" "Ahhh," Lucille breathes out, taking a sip of her coffee. "Because not every wolf has two mates, as Selene did. As you two do."

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64 Chapters
Prologue - Brandon
        Devin, Charlie, Zak, and I have been best friends since the womb.  As the children of our pack’s leadership, we were brought up as close as siblings.  This was even more true because we were all born within six months of each other. Zak and I were always together, learning how to lead our pack as the future Alpha and Beta.  Charlie and Devin, as the children of our Delta and Gamma respectively, were around the majority of the time as well, but Zak was my constant companion.  He was the first one that I came out to, the one that helped me through all my break-ups, and the one who held me together when my mother and sister died in a car accident. He was my best friend and my first love.          The only one who came close to my feelings for Zak was Charlie.  Her real name is Charlotte, but she hates that name.
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Chapter 1 - Brandon
Zak kisses along my jaw while he palms my erection through my pants. I groan and turn my face to his, hungrily devouring his mouth. My hand runs from his hip up his bare, muscular back, and along his broad shoulders.  I move my hand to his short mahogany colored hair, fisting it in my hand, keeping his head firmly trapped in my grasp. He isn’t quite as tall as I am, so I bend my head to his, pulling him closer to my body.  My cock twitches in his hands and he moans into my mouth.“Brandon,” he sighs as he unzips my pants and I fall out into his hands.  He wraps his fist around my swollen cock and squeezes as I break away from his mouth, my head falling back as I moan loudly.“Holy shit,” I breathe out.Zak chuckles and trails his lips along my neck. The rough stubble on h
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Chapter 2 - Devin
I walk with Brandon into the packhouse dining hall, staying close behind him.  I love watching his tight ass in action.  He turns around to look at me, smirking.  His sky blue eyes fill with mischief.  He’s obviously thinking about our morning together.  I want to run my hands through his short blonde hair, kiss my way down his prominent jaw line, and wrap my arms around his muscular torso. I ran my finger down his arm, pulling lightly on his fingers before letting go.  Although Zak and Charlie know that we are gay, it isn’t common knowledge in the pack.  Honestly, it is looked down on for those in leadership positions.  Our bloodlines depended on their continuation, meaning that we have to have pups.  Kind of difficult to do that within the mate bond if you are gay.  So, we had to keep it close to the vest, no matter how much I wanted everyone to know tha
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Chapter 3 - Charlie
Zak and I walk into the dining room and immediately lock eyes with Brandon.  We haven’t gotten to spend time with our best friend since the morning of Zak’s birthday.  Yeah, we’ve been in meetings, led trainings, and completed inspections together.  But Brandon has always left immediately after we were done.  He refuses to joke around or talk about anything but work.  It is literally killing us.  Zak and I both miss him. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be happier to have Zak as my mate.  We’ve been in each other’s lives since the womb.  He is one of my best friends in the entire world.  But Zak wasn’t the one that I’d hoped I’d end up with.  Even though Brandon is gay, he’s the one that I’d always wanted.   Brandon is hot.  I mean, like the hottest guy that I have ever seen.  He is a mountai
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Chapter 4 - Zak
Watching Devin follow Brandon out of the dining room, my appetite disappears.  Goddess, I wish it was me going to Brandon.  It is obvious from the way that they both rush from the room and readjusted themselves what they are hurrying to do. It’s not that I don’t love Charlie.  I do.  She is the best thing that has happened to me.  The Moon Goddess gave me the best mate I could ask for and an amazing Luna for our pack.  But these damn dreams!  Both Charlie and I have been having them.  They are just like the dreams that we had before we found each other as mates. Which of course makes no fucking sense!  We are mates.  Why are we still having these kinds of dreams?  It’s a good thing that we are going to the Oracle today.  Maybe she can tell us what to do about all of this.
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Chapter 5 - Charlie
Lucille hands me my cup of doctored coffee and I immediately swallow nearly half of it, not caring how hot it is.  I need the alcohol right now. Zak thanks Lucille, but doesn’t touch his coffee.  Instead, he stares at her intensely.  “What do you mean by the three of us being parents?”  Zak’s voice is steady and firm.  If I hadn’t known him my whole life and been mated to him, I wouldn’t have noticed the slight tick in his jaw or the way that his left leg began to jump slightly under the table.  These are all signs of anxiety for Zak and I understand why. “What do you know of Selene and her mates?” Lucille asks. “Mates?  I only know of one mate.  Pan,” Zak says, looking at me curiously.
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Chapter 6 - Brandon
 I spent the morning in meetings with my father and Former-Alpha Jared. We were discussing my upcoming Beta ceremony, Devin’s Delta ceremony, and the Blue Crescent pack’s visit.  Zak was apparently in a meeting with the Oracle.  I couldn’t help but worry. Why was he visiting the Oracle?  Was something wrong between him and Charlie? Were they having trouble conceiving a pup? When I saw them this morning, they looked awful.            Though I know that the Oracle was the mouthpiece of Selene, she creeped me out.  She was a wizened old woman who was well into her 90s.  Her eyes are the amber of the Goddess’s and they seemed to hint that she knew something that I didn’t.  Every time that I was near her, I felt like she knew some secret about me that I couldn’t figure out. Her smirks and perplexing comments made me uneas
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Chapter 7 - Zak
The Oracle’s news was so disturbing that Charlie and I finished her entire bottle of whiskey.  Neither of us had eaten much at breakfast and, at 190 proof, the whiskey we guzzled got us pretty trashed.  That must have been what fueled Charlie’s plan. As we walked home, she stopped me in the middle of the forest. “So, based on what Lucille said, all three of us are having these sex dreams, right?” she asks. “Seems like,” I say, remembering the one that I had last night.  My breathing hitches and my gaze lingers on Charlie’s breasts.  I take a step toward her, intent on finishing what the Oracle interrupted earlier. “Down, Fido, and listen,” Charlie says, sidestepping me. “But, I want you,” I say, my vo
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Chapter 8 - Devin
“Holy fuck!  What was - “ I start to say before Brandon grabs my elbow and pulls me up. “My room!  Now!” he growls at me. I don’t quite understand what is happening.  “Why - “ Pulling me by the elbow, he hurries me out of the dinning hall and to the back stairs. “Brandon!  Slow down!” I say. “We have 10 minutes and I need to get rid of these blue balls before I walk into Zak’s office!” His voice is husky with need and my knees weaken.  Oh!  Yeah, that makes sense.  That show wasn’t even directed at me and I was horny as hell. We bust into Brandon’s room and he slams the door behind us.  Immediately, he pushes me onto the bed.  He
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Chapter 9 - Brandon
Feeling better, but no less confused, I quickly walk to Zak’s office. The office of the Alpha is on the top floor of the packhouse. It is the only part of the top floor that is not dedicated to his home. Still, the office is large, with it’s own full bathroom attached.I knock on the door and let myself in, as usual. The room is brightly lit from the floor to ceiling windows on the far wall. The room is decorated with plush chocolate-colored carpeting and pale yellow walls. Zak set up a seating area with large, brown, leather couches. Though he has a desk, it is pushed against the wall and only used when necessary. That was the extent of Zak’s decorating abilities, so Charlie had stepped in. She added yellow throw pillows and blankets, shelving, and pictures of the pack, their families, and the four of us growing up. There is a coffee table in the middle of the sitting area and end tables between the couches. Flowers decorated the tables and there was a serving table on the side
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