Chapter 30 -- BETH AND KELAN

Written by Evelyn Mba



Mother... Mother. Where are you? Lara yelled, searching the room.

Am here. Queen Belinda answered.

  I want you to confirm something for me.

What is it? She asked.

  Mom, am I pregnant?

I mean... Am pregnant. Right?

  How will I know that without examining you? Queen Belinda rubbed her forehead.

But Kelan saw right through me and you can't? She said, taking a seat.

Kelan has powers... I don't? She shrug.

  So, how do we do it? She pouted, her hands on her belly.

Okay, first of all... Take off your clothes.

  Uhh.. my clothes?

I should strip? Lara asked and Queen Belinda scoffed.

Am your mother not the King who asks you to strip every minute. Queen Belinda teased.

Mom... Lara yelled, her cheek crimson red.

  So, what now? Aren't you taking them off.

Lara stood up

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