Why did she " Divorce Me "

Why did she " Divorce Me "

By:  Kajal  Completed
Language: English
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Two unknown people tide in an unwanted bond .. marriage bond . It's an arrange marriage , both got married .. Amoli the female lead .. she took vows of marriage with her heart that she will be loyal and always give her everything to make this marriage work although she was against this relationship . On the other hands Varun the male lead ... He vowed that he will go any extent to make this marriage broken .. After the marriage Varun struggle to take divorce from his wife while Amoli never give any ears to her husband's divorce demand , At last Varun kissed the victory by getting divorce papers in his hands but there is a confusion in his head that what made his wife to change her hard skull mind not to give divorce to give divorce ... With this one question arise in his head ' why did she " Divorce Me " .. ' .

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55 Chapters
Characters of story
Amoli Anand:- 24-year-old beautiful girl but her polite behaviour makes her more beautiful, she is graduated and intelligent.Amoli means precious and she is indeed precious for her all family members especially for her father. She is a sweet innocent kind-hearted girl, bold but only for others, loves everyone.Wants to become a teacher in a government school, it's her father who wants her to be a government school teacher so her carrier and job will be safe and she respects her father's decision.She loves her family members a lot and respects them and their decisions. Varun Arora:- 30-year-old man. soon to be the owner of Devansh hotels and cafes, he owns clubs and has 51% shares in his friend Tejas's transport business.Too intelligent to handle.If you only see him you will say handsome, breathtaking specimen but when you know him then he
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The room is beautifully decorated by the red and white rose flowers and blue colour candles are lightening the room as the room's lights are off to make it romantic for the couples and to make it more beautiful The window of the room is open and moonlight is coming inside the room through the window giving its presence evidence. A cold wind comes inside the room through the window by waving the white curtains with it and touch's the angel who is sitting in the middle of the decorated bed. She is not an angel but she is looking like one because she is wearing the red colour lehenga....the Indian bridal dress, her heavy jewellery was shining due to the candles and moonlight. She shivered as the cold wind touched her bare skin.Her hair is tied in a beautiful bun which is decorated with lily flowers and red roses The dupatta (stall) of the lehnga is rested on her head but she hasn't covered her face with it ...Her blue eyes are shining as
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Chapter - 1
  Author's Pov.:-  There is a girl in the darkroom hiding behind the window curtains and peeking through the gap between two curtains to see if there is that person who is coming for her or not, from whom she is hiding. She released a sigh of relief "huff" when she found that she is in a safe zone. "Caught you," says the person with whom the girl was hiding  This person was standing behind her outside the window. "Ahhhh" shouts the girl with hands resting over her blasting heartbeat and turns towards the person who is laughing like manic at her terrified state "hahahahahaLook hahahahahalook at your face hahahahaha" said that person while controlling her laughter. " Why? ..whyyyyyy ? moo why you caught me first ? " said Vahini Anand to her sister Amoli with a cute pout. Meanwhile, Amoli pinched Vahini's pouted lips .. to make her pull back her face from her to rub her tickling lips.
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Chapter - 2
    Third person's pov. ::- In the night, the moon was kissing the sky... The sky is silent but peaceful. The sound of a girl's screaming and a man's moaning and groaning, echoing inside the room.Their bodies are attached..man was sucking the neck of the girl while biting it before making the woman under him moan in pleasure more. "Yes, just like that," said the girl and moaned in pleasure as the man was thrusting inside the woman's pussy the way she wanted. "Faster" breathed out the girl and the man did the same with a proud smirk over his sweaty face  ..he grabs her waist in both hands and started to thrust in her hard and fast. " Fuck ... You are a very tight woman," said the man while keep thrusting in her hard and rough.The bed was shaking fast with their wild work,...With his every thrust the bed head post bands with the wall...his balls are banging with the woman's ass with his every deep thrust..
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Chapter - 3
Varun's Pov. :- As usual, I got up early in the morning and went to the gym. Where I sweat out in  my workout for 2 hoursAfter that, I went to my room and took a shower And got ready in black pants and a black shirt as I have to travel. I went to the dining table and sit on the chair to have breakfast soon everyone joins me I greet them, they all also greet me back with their usual smiley face.We all had our breakfast in silence as I don't appreciate the noise in the early morning. After breakfast, I told my housemaid to put my mini packed luggage inside the car. " Varun When you reach there just give me a call to let me know that you have arrived there safely," said my dad like I am a 4-5-year-old kid who can't take care of himself. I don't want to argue with him so I just nod my head in acceptance and bid
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Chapter - 4
    Amoli's Pov.:- "Moo get up," said my alarm, my panda bear cutely and innocently while sitting on my stomach and putting her both hands on her hips And giving me continuously kisses on my face ... Her these wet kisses over my cheeks ticking me to break my sleepy mode away from my system. "I got up my princess," I told her while yawning and dancing on the bed as I spread my legs and hands on the bed for stretching my body to wake it up from sleeps laziness. She got up from me and grabbed my hand and lift me from the bed to push me inside the bathroom and at last, she sighed.I giggled seeing her behaving like a mother. I came out of the bathroom after taking shower and got ready, I combed my panda's hair as she can't tide them because they are quite long for her to tide them properly. When we both got ready we both leave our room and went to Pooja room and did our prayer with the whole family.And
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Chapter - 5
  Varun's Pov.:- When I turned, my eyes captured the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, for a while, I found myself lost in it, but as I was hell angry I had already raised my hand to hit her. But instead of her, I hit the air because someone pulled her back before my hand fell on her bloody muddy face. I even can't see her face due to the mud face pack which is covering her face. I saw that, a little girl who is also covered in the mud hugging her due to fear. "You bloody villagers wants to die from my hand..... first he threw mud on my face Now...NOW .....NOW YOU ..... FUCKING SLAPPED ME " I shout at her, and after hearing my scary, dominated voice she trembles like a dry leaf. I take step towards her but couldn't even touch her because some fucked basterds
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Chapter - 6
Amoli's Pov. :- I am very angry and I'm in the kitchen right now and cooking food for the guest that came my home. ' he is not a guest but a ghost ' my brain hissed in my head with sarcasm dripping down from its words. Ufff I want to kill him but can't..... want to put poison in his food but can't..... Feeling like to cry on my helplessness but can't... because if I do so then my panda will also accompany me in the cry. I completely forgot to breathe when I saw my panda in captivity of that demon. Right now she is sitting in the kitchen Iceland in Indian style (crossing her legs) and hand under her cheeks and chin. I take her hands in my hands and kissed them, my this action makes her look at me... " Moo I am scared, wha
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Chapter - 7
  Varun's Pov.:- I got up early in the morning, fresh up and got ready in my formal clothes.I took my apple laptop and attend my meeting through it... Which took 4-5 hours......and I missed my breakfast. After I got free from it. I made a quick call to my Delhi branch hotel to know that they have completed my given work or not. They said that they has done my work. I am a man of my words as I have told before ....that I won't going to leave that motherfucker bastard Gopal Mehra who was my Delhi hotel branch's manager....who dare to delude my father and me... Now I have destroyed him completely...no one in the whole of India going to hire him... I have hotels and clubs throughout India. But the main branch from where my grandpa had started his hotel business is Uttrakhand....and I too started my clubbing business from the Uttrakhand..... Mr Anand's house is in a beautiful village name Shivpur
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Chapter - 8
Varun's Pov.;-I came outside the room after I became okay ....I will not leave her today ...my face was all red in anger.My ears caught some familiar sounds from the leaving room ...so I went there to see who is at there...Shock is the small word to explain what I am feeling right know ...FUCK....What the hell they are doing here.." Mom dad ....what the f.........hmmmm hmmm (clearing the throat) what you all are doing here " i asked them in my dominating and answer demanding voice.I literally forgot that where I am right now." We want to surprise you....so we came here.... without informing you " my grandpa said with a smirk.Yaa indeed you all gave me shock rather then a bloody surprise ..... literally I forgot to use filter in my mouth after seeing all of them..... And it's enough for me to know the level of me getting surprised " We have a one more surprise for you bro....we came here to
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