Chapter 48

Nevertheless, the news sounded unbelievable. For a long time, the Furezos stayed hidden in the Furez land in the north, and they never left there. This was the first time that they raided a tribe, and to top it off, the innocent Nazian people. So, why? If they were to raid a tribe, it should be the Indic, which is here.

“Well, I think the announcement must be held off for another time,” Rugien declared in a voice that could clearly be heard by everyone. “There is a much more important and pressing matter that must be taken care of immediately than this selection of my Grand Crown Princess.”

“I-I must agree with the Grand Crown Prince, fellow Aryan beings. But you may stay here in the palace for your safety,” Domicos said in halting words. Then he turned to the King who stood from his throne.

“Daraton, you know where to make them comfortable,” the King instructed the elite warrior, who bowed to him to follow his order.

Daraton ushered the guests to get out of

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