54 Chapters
Buzz buzz buzzBuzz buzz buzzI groan as I roll over to grab my phone to get it to stop buzzing. Once I pick it up it says I have a missed call from Scarlett. My eyes widen as I hop out of the bed and hurry to the bathroom. I do whatever I need in about five minutes, still looking like shit. My hair isn't tangled but it's frizzy and my eyes have huge bags under them that I didn't get to cover up.My clothes are now thrown all over the floor while I'm trying to look for an outfit. It's not in Florida, especially today, so I was trying to find a pair of my jeans shorts. After having long five minutes I found them and quick led switched them out with my spandex. I take off my t-shirt and slip on a baby blue tank top, and I tuck that into my shorts.I run to the room across from mine and see Rosetta sleeping on her bed. I walk over to the three year old and gently pick her up. I pull out an outfit for her to change into later, but for now sh
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"Ciao Italia!" Scar exclaims as the automatic doors to leave the airport open. Rose is wide awake now, after eating two snickers and chugging a can and a half of soda, and is squealing as she holds on to Scar's hand. "They aren't ready for two hot American women and a charming little girl!""You aren't allowed to drink that much wine ever again," I groan as I pick up Rose, "don't just let go of your bags, you don't know if someone would try to steal them.""Shut up!" Scar rolls her eyes as she gets us a taxi. We get into the
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Nicola's POV:"Gather the men Luca," I tell Luca. "We have to head out in ten minutes. Get Stefano too, Dad wants him to come on more missions.""Where are we going today?" Luca asks as he turn the door knob."Vieste," I reply, "now hurry. We still need to pack supplies. You also need to change." Luca chuckles before he leaves the the room, wearing his
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Danielle's POV:"I think Rose is getting tired," Scar says, right before she yawns."I think it's the both of you," I chuckle. I wrap a pink towel around Rose, "swimming wears you two out fast." Rose nods as she snuggles into my chest, "I have to dry off too baby. How about you and Aunt Scar go up to the room. Momma wants to relax on the beach for a little."Read more
"We were so worried!" Scarlett cries as I enter the hotel room, "we looked everywhere for you!""I'm fine I promise," I say with a fake smile, knowing this is the last week I have with her. "I walked down the beach a little ways and got tired. I sat down to rest and must've fallen asleep.""I'm glad you're safe," Scarlett says and Rose tugs at my shirt. I pick her up and hug her close to me.Read more
Nicola's POV:"She's still wearing the tracker correct?" I ask Stefano. We always make sure all our members are trained for the field and with computers. Today I get to test Stefano on his tracking, of course with out a tracker. Right now I just have to make sure the girl didn't back out because that would not be pretty for her."Right here," he mumbles before he quickly types on the keyboard. A map appears of Italy but quickly zooms in to Vieste, right to one of our family hotels.Read more
"Nicola!"I jump out of my bed, grabbing the gun out from under my bed and run downstairs. I get to the living room to see my parents and siblings sitting on the couches. Are you fucking kidding me? I glare at my family and toss my gun at my dad."I'm going back to bed," I say to them before I turn to head upstairs."Figlio," My dad says and I look over my sho
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Danielle's POV:"Calm down Scarlett. I know that you are excited, but I feel like security wants to throw you out," I tell her as she paces back and forth, squealing her excitement. "Seriously. The security hasn't stopped looking at you. Just take a seat.""Aunty?" Rose says and Scarlett looks at her, "you make me dizzy.""Sorry Rosey," Scar apologizes
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Nicola's POV:"The city is gorgeous," the black haired girl said when we got back into the hotel. "I could live here.""Indeed," I reply, "Vieste is meraviglioso.""Mommy?" the little girl asks Elle, "can we wook at da fwowers?"Read more
Nicola's POV:"What the fuck are you doing here?" I ask him once I reach him. The sand is sticking to my feet as I walk towards him. His arms are crossed over his chest and he has a smirk on his face."The important question is, what is Nicola Rosi doing with a woman and a child?" He asks but laughs at the end."She's a stubborn ass and won't leave for
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