All Chapters of You Were Always My Everything : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 1
Giselle's POV :My alarm rang disturbing my sleep. I cursed the alarm and got up. I saw the date on the calender and finally, I saw it was the day for my interview at Armanio Enterprises.I brushed my teeth, took a shower, all that boring stuff. I dressed up in the outfit I picked out for the day, put in some pearls in my ears, slipped on my shoes, took my purse, locked my apartment and got in my car.Armanio Enterprises wasn't that far from my home, so I reached there in 15 minutes. I sat in my car for a few minutes to collect my cool and got out of my car.Okay, breathe in, breathe out Giselle. You can do this! Imagine that this is your high school part-time job and go with the flow.I looked up and my nerves began building up once again. The building was practically a SKYSCRAPER! It's now or never. I took out my mini mirror from my hand bag and checked my appea
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Chapter 2
Giselle's POV :"OH MY GOSH! Are you serious sir??""Yes I am dear. Your work starts from tomorrow.""Thanks a lot sir. I will try my best to fulfil my duties as your personal assistant.""I'm sorry but you won't be working as my personal assistant. You'll be working for Alvador, my son. I actually live with my other son in London who handles the company there.""Oh!"I thanked him once again. Before I left, he patted my head and wished me luck for dealing with his son, who apparently has anger issues.When I reached the ground floor, I gave the receptionist a thumbs up which she also returned with a huge grin. I saw Mr. Giant at the entrance and smirked. His father had hired me. I could see his anger bubbling.Just as I was about to walk out, I tripped over something and I would've fell face flat if I hadn't bala
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Chapter 3
Giselle's POV :I knocked on the door to get my files. I heard a 'come in'. I entered the room. I stayed rooted on the spot for 5 seconds, uttered an apology and slammed the door shut.Such a shameless guy! He had a girl on his lap, they were hugging eachother and they broke from their kiss when I went inside. Internal gag!I was leaning against the door and catching my breath to get rid of the horrid memory. Suddenly, I could feel myself falling back. Someone opened the door! Great! Just as I thought I was about to fall and crash, I fell on something hard. My back was on someone!That someone was holding my hips so I don't exert anymore weight. I turned around and of course, it was none other than Alvador who I fell on top of. I heard him say, "You can go now Sarah.""Ugh! It's Sierra for the hundredth time!" She stomped her foot.
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Chapter 4
Giselle's POV :When we entered the room, it was empty. Mr. Armanio was setting up the projector for his presentation. I was setting up the table."Go and get me my charts. I forgot them. Be back soon.""Yes sir."I went out of the room. I decided to make a quick stop to the washroom. After I fixed my appearance, I noticed that my hair was all over the place, I decided to comb it back into place. I got out of the washroom with a bunch of charts in my hand. I had to struggle to open the door knob, but I eventually did and all eyes were on me. This is so embarrassing. I blushed and put the charts in their designated places.I took a seat next to a man which was empty. All of the men had already arrived, so I took up that chair. Mr. Armanio started, "Good afternoon gentlemen......."I was keenly listening to his words and taking down notes. When Mr.
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Chapter 5
Giselle's POV :I put an annoyed expression and continued my conversation with Travis."Nothing much." He replied"It's unusual for you to call me. I'm always the one who calls.""What are you implying?""Nothing, I'm just stating facts Travis. I guess the truths are always bitter.""Oh yeah? My truths are bitter huh? Like you don't have bitter truths.""What bitter truths do I have? I told you everything honestly. Why are we even arguing over the phone?""Well, I'm not near you so god knows what you're doing with that boss of yours."I gasped, "You did NOT just accuse me.""Oh I did.""YOU JERK! How dare you? After all the years we've known eachother, this is the question you ask me?""Yeah.""Yeah? I don't need to explain anythi
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Chapter 6
Giselle's POV :Before I knew it, I stood in the centre of the dance floor and danced to my heart's content. I didn't know I was attracting a crowd. I didn't even feel that drunk, I just felt like dancing and that's what I was doing.The next thing I know, I was dancing on a table! I was shaking my head from side to side and my hair was following suit. I even pulled out my hair tie. I could hear Natalie telling me to get off, but I had all this pent up energy inside me that I just had to release.I was getting cat calls and wolf whistles which added more to my excitement. As I started to do some tricks, I could feel someone lifting me off the table. I was being flung over someone's shoulder.I started screaming and pounding the guy's back. "PUT ME DOWN YOU IMBECILE!"I screamed harder until I was placed in a car. The car door locked and I finally saw my kidnapper
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Chapter 7
Giselle's POV :I was cut off by.....his hand. His face was so close to mine and his blue eyes were directly staring into mine with so much intensity. My heart was rapidly beating in my chest.Now, I could see his face even more clearly. From his perfectly shaped thick black eyebrows to his perfectly sculpted nose to his perfectly shaped lips to his light stubble to his strong sharp jaw. I had to give him credit for his looks, but that doesn't faze me. My vision was still hazy, but I can make out my words. I blinked several times when his lips came closer to my ear."Next time you don't shut up, it won't be my hand that cuts you off, it'll be my mouth. Verbally or physically..."What? He got me out of the car and ushered me into his house. It was like the typical billionare house. I guess he's the only one who lives here.He went into his office and got out some f
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Chapter 8
Giselle's POV :As I started working on my third file out of seven, my boss showed up. I ignored him and continued with my files. I thought he left, but then a shadow loomed over me. I looked up and he was FURIOUS! Uh oh! What did I do now?He slammed his hand on my desk and barked, "In my office. NOW!"I got up and followed him. He threw a newspaper at my face."Open page 7."I opened it."So what? How is this related to me?""It's you in that picture isn't it?"I looked at the small picture and saw a woman in a black dress similar to mine kissing a guy. The headlines wrote, "Is it just the Sun, or is it getting hot in the Nightclub?"Oh my gosh! The media had to post this in the paper? If they're running out of articles, they can just give me a call. Who writes this about clubs? Come on! It's a
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Chapter 9
Giselle's POV :My heart stopped beating.....when I saw my favourite ice cream stall!! I immediately told the taxi driver to stop and gave him the fare. I hopped out of the taxi and practically ran to the stall. They sell the BEST mango ice cream here. I ordered my mango ice cream and started devouring it like a monster. I missed this so much.I was strolling and that's when I spotted the familiar blonde quiff, grey eyes and black eyebrows. TRAVIS! I ran till I reached him. I thought of jumping on him, but that's when I saw Tulia beside him. They hadn't noticed me yet.Travis was smiling brightly at Tulia. She gave him a peck on his lips, and he didn't even protest! The cheating jerk. You would expect my ice cream to fall down, but I'm not going to let that happen. No way am I going to waste my ice cream on this good for nothing, cheating, jerk.I walked clo
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Chapter 10
Giselle's POV :Alvador smoothly replied, "Yeah, I did and I won't hesitate to do it again if you don't stop flirting with her. I'm starving."When the waiter came, we all gave our orders.Michael asked me, "Hey, I heard you resigned. Is it true?""Yeah, it is.""Well then, like I said before, you're welcome to be my personal assistant."I slapped his shoulder and said, "Thanks, but I already took up Mr. Armanio's offer."Alvador spoke up, "Are you sure you would want to hire her Michael? She has a boyfriend, yet she still flirts with you.""SHUT UP! You don't know anything about me and my personal life is none of your business."His eyes darkened and he said, "Well, your personal life is important when you want to become someone's personal assistant."
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