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Chapter 11
Alex didn’t bother Saoirse for the next two days. He never felt guilty about anything, but this time it was different. He kept remembering the way she looked at him when he hurt her. It was a look of hurt and disappointment. Alex sat at the dining table, waiting. He usually ate dinner around this time, and Saoirse ate with him, but she didn’t come during those two days. On day three, he decided he had to see her, or he will go crazy.“Mindy!” he called.Mindy came running immediately. “Sir?” she asked.“Why isn’t Suri here?” he asked. “I haven’t seen her in two days. Is she even eating properly?” he asked.“Miss Saoirse wouldn’t come out of her room. She said she isn’t hungry,” Mindy said and looked down nervously. “She hadn’t been eating at all, no matter how much I tried. She keep
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Chapter 12
“What do you mean you killed Anthony?” Jon sounded surprised. Jon was Alex’s right-hand man, the only one he completely trusted. He was always there for him to give him advice.“He touched something that belongs to me, and he needed to be punished. It is as simple as it gets,” Alex said gruffly.“You mean to tell me you killed one of our best men because he touched one of your whores? WHAT THE FUCK ALEX!” Jon cried.“Watch how you speak to me Jon, Suri is not a whore. “Or did you forget your place? That bastard dared to assault her right on my property. I consider that betrayal and the punishment for betraying me is death.” Alex snapped at Jon.“I am sorry for yelling, Alex, but this is insane. How do I explain it to the rest of the gang? You killed one of their brothers over a woman. They will never agree with that. You us
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Chapter 13
“Wait! Don’t…stop for a second,” Saoirse said as Alex was about to enter her. She put her hand on his chest to push him off.“What? Are you refusing me?” he asked. She hadn’t said no to him since he apologized to her that day, so this was a surprise. Did he do something wrong?“No, it’s not that. It’s just…” she hesitated. “I want you to…”“What is it? Just spit it out already. I don’t want to wait,” Alex said irritably. He was aroused and running out of patience. He had been thinking about her body all day, and she wasn’t making it easy.“Cou…could you please kiss me a little more?” she asked. Her cheeks were turning pink as if she said something embarrassing.Alex was taken aback by her request. He was used to just putting his di
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Chapter 14
“Ms. Saoirse, there is someone who would like to see you,” Mindy said.Saoirse was sitting by the window, knitting a scarf. Someone here to see her? Who could that be? It wasn’t like she knew anyone. She didn’t have any friends.“Who is it?” she asked.“He said he is your father,” Mindy said.Her father! Did he finally come to get her out? She felt happy but at the same time kind of sad. Did that mean she will never see Alex again? She didn’t know how to feel about it.She went to the living room. James Brooks sat on the couch cowering as Alex glared at him from across the room.“Daddy!” she screamed and ran to hug him.“Oh princess, how are you? You don’t look hurt,” he said and looked her over. “Is he treating you well?”
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Chapter 15
“A favor? What kinda favor?” Nate raised his eyebrows. “If it has anything to do with the Mafia, I’m out. I don’t have time to deal with that type of bullshit. I have a family to take care of,” he said.“Relax, it’s not anything crime-related. I was hoping you could find more information on this girl. Her name is Saoirse Brooks. Find out as much as you can. Her family background, lifestyle, what kind of friends she has, everything,” Alex said.Nate made it big in the computer industry. He had become somewhat of a genius over the past few years. He can pretty much find out anything about anyone.“That’s an interesting name. It shouldn’t be too hard to find her. Who is she? Someone from your rival gang?” Nate asked.“No, she is not a criminal. Just an innocent girl whose father kept inside like some type of
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Chapter 16
“Well…what do you think?” Saoirse asked and looked at him expectantly as she watched Alex try her food.Alex took a bite and the chicken melted in his mouth. The food was delicious. Saoirse was an amazing cook.“Where did you learn to cook like this?” he asked. “It’s fucking delicious.”Saoirse blushed. “I taught myself. I stayed home a lot, so I had a lot of time to practice,” she said quietly.“Why did you stay home a lot?” Alex asked.“Daddy said it’s not safe out there for a girl like me. He said I was weak and defenseless, and people will take advantage of me,” she said with a sad look on her face.Well, he wasn’t entirely wrong about that. Too bad her dad couldn’t save her and sent her straight to the lion’s mouth himself.<
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Chapter 17
Saoirse woke up, and she couldn’t breathe for a second. She tried to get up, but something restricted her movement. She felt warm.She opened her eyes fully then realized Alex had his arms wrapped around her tightly. He was still sound asleep. He pulled her even closer when she moved and hugged her in his sleep.She didn’t want to get up and wake him up right away. He looked so beautiful and peaceful. Almost like a child. Who knew someone with a face like can be so mean and murdered people in cold blood.She ran her fingers through his soft tousled hair then traced them on his sharp jawline. His eyes opened right away. Oops, it looks like she woke him up.“Sorry, I’ll go back to my room,” she said quickly and tried to get up. She knew Alex didn’t like anyone staying in his bed with him. He usually comes to her room and leaves when they are done. He neve
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Chapter 18
Earlier that day, Alex stared at the sleeping Saoirse in his bed. He usually doesn’t let anyone come inside his room for any reason. He carried her here instead of her room in the heat of passion which was very unlikely of him.And then, on top of it, he fell asleep in her arms. He never let his guard down in front of any girl. Especially not the ones he usually sleeps with. But something was calming about Saoirse. Her gentle touches, her smell, her breathing, everything. He felt completely relaxed.It had been a long time since he slept peacefully like that. Every time he closes his eyes, he usually ends up waking up from a nightmare. But being snuggled against her body and breathing in her scent was better than any sleeping pills. What was so special about her?Maybe I’ll move her in my room, he thought. Would she agree? Not like she was in the position to say no anyway.

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Chapter 19
The next day, Alex sat in his office, getting lost in his thoughts. He went to Sheila’s house as planned and fucked her brains out, but he felt distracted the whole time. The sex with her wasn’t as good as he remembered it to be. It was nothing like when he was with Saoirse.He knew why. Sheila wasn’t Saoirse. Sheila smelled like strong perfume and cigarettes. She didn’t have that soft floral smell, like Saoirse’s skin. He couldn’t stand to be near her anymore after they were done. He didn’t sleep peacefully this time either. He woke up a few times from his usual nightmares.Fuck it…Alex thought. He didn’t want to sleep with anyone else anymore. He needed Saoirse. He’ll deal with his feelings later.His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a faint meow next to him. His eyes darted toward the floor, and he saw Taco standing there. He jumped up on the
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Chapter 20
Saoirse didn’t understand why she felt so upset by what he said. She may have been naive about a lot of things, but she wasn’t stupid. Of course, Alex was sleeping with other women. He never tried to hide the fact. Then why does it hurt so much when he openly admitted it?It didn’t matter anyway. Alex only brought her here to use her. Pretty soon, he will be done with her and toss her away. It was just a matter of time.“We don’t really care about Alex, do we?” she stroked Taco’s head and said. “He doesn’t like us anyway.”But she didn’t believe that herself. She looked forward to seeing him every day like a stupid little girl. She loved it when he held her in his arms. Having sex with him was the only connection she had with him, so what’s going to happen to her once it was gone?“Saoirse, can I come in?”
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