70 Chapters
Chapter 11 - A glimpse
“Look at these pictures, unnie! This was Oppa when he was my age.” Nauen giggled as they browsed through old albums in the living room. “Oh! This is in Luneta Park, I’ve been there multiple times.” “Really?” Mrs. Lee asked. “Suho liked going to that park.” “Look, imo! This is me!” showing the picture of a small behind their family picture, holding a toy plane. “So, you’re the little girl Suho was talking about when he was younger. He kept looking for you whenever we went there.” “Me too. Cause I wanted to give him back his toy. It seems precious to him.” “It is. His father gave that to him.” “What a small world.” Hana left around 10 in the evening, carrying several Tupperware of food that Mrs. Lee packed for her. Suho watched the window across his room lit up. That’s when he knew she was home safe and sound. Filled with inspiration, he took out his sketchbook and began drawing what transpired that evening. Sketching Hana in full details as she smiled, played with Naeun
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Chapter 12 - Dreamcatcher
Autumn of 1996 Daegu, South Korea Time had hastily changed from weeks to months, from one period to the next. Evenings have a nip in the air as summer took a back seat. The temperature plummeted to 14 degrees Celsius as September kicked in. From the green scenery, hues of browns and oranges sweep the landscape to some extent, preparing its days for those long cold nights. Suho Lee had his hands full, as one astray dog increased to 6 in the last six months. At that rate, the spot under the stairs can no longer put up with their growing tribe. Hana and Suho scoured the entire neighborhood searching for a suitable place until they chance upon an abandoned old shack near the park, two stops away from where they live. They have also enlisted a temporary little helper, Naeun, Suho’s sister. With the help of their newest member, they named their small animal sanctuary Wonder pets. The bungalow-type house was deserted a few years back. After inquiring around, Suho and Hana
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Chapter 13 All in the Fog
“Ya! Let go of her,” the young woman’s cry reverberated in the narrow alleyway. Suho flinched.He recognized her voice. And he can’t turn away because he promised to protect her at all costs.Shaking his head, he swung his bike around, searching for the sound. In the middle of the narrow lane was a schoolgirl with long wavy hair falling below her shoulder.Her purple backpack stood out, he can easily see it from afar. A dreamcatcher dangling by its side.It was indeed Hana. Not again, he whispered. No one was in sight as the alleyway was situated in the midst of two abandoned buildings. It’s an ideal location for a felony. Suho couldn’t identify who she was screaming at.So, he pulled down his cap, hiding his face from possible onlookers.He glided to where Hana was.Even from afar, he realized the danger she’s in. The situation crushed at him like a raging bull. In the middle of the pathway were 4 people — 3 boys and 1 girl.The group was notorious in wreaking havoc to their
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Chapter 14- The Invisible Rope
As the mist settled down in the crisp night, stars twinkled in the calmness of the evening. Suho wondered if he was the fog or star in Hana’s world. But one thing’s for sure, he could do everything for her. Protect her and make her happy no matter what. And that unsettling emotion Suho had been struggling to figure out has become clear. Yet, he doesn’t have the balls to even shout it out. He often pondered what had happened to Suho, the basketball charmer and chick magnet, as Kwanghee put it. But Hana was extraordinary, she’s special. They have this invisible string that connected them, pulling each other every single time. And he admired her more than any young woman he met. That’s besides his eomma and sister. Days passed by.It was down to five days before Hana’s surprise birthday party and three days before Chuseok. Suho didn’t have much time left to finish the gift he was prepping up for her. “Woah! This is very stressful. How can things be cropping up all at on
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Chapter 15 - Unwanted Attention
Suho whistled in satisfaction at how he ditched the inquiring look of his classmates.For the first time, he felt a surge of relief after hearing the school bell ring. It was unheard of, and his buddies would make fun of him if they found out.Nothing exciting in their classroom. Same old.But he’s grateful to get a throne next to the window. It gave him space for his mind to wander off from the four corners of their room. Suho can imagine his eomma pinching him or whacking his head to bring his astral body back.“What are you grinning about?” Kwanghee leaned back, turned around, glaring at his best friend. “You’re keeping a lot of things from me lately.”“No. Of course not,” Suho retorted, lips tight, leaning further away from Kwanghee.“Well? So what’s the deal between you and the new girl?” Kwanghee inquired, popping a lollipop in his mouth.&l
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Chapter 16 - Anything for you
Alone in the dark Suho count to three. If he lets them pass, they’ll let him be. “He must be sleeping,” said a male voice whispering behind the door.“I’m sure he’s exhausted,” said another. “Let’s go.”Suho lay dead-tired on the bed in his grandma’s house in Jungang-dong. It was September 27, 1996. His whole body sore from the 5-hour travel to their hometown next to the sea from Daegu. Laying lifeless on the double-decker bed, he closed his eyes, recounting the day that was. Since he’s sharing the room with the rest of his cousins, he might doze off before them. Otherwise, he’d find a large eye bag under his eyes the following morning while one of his cousins snored in sleep like a horn echoing into the night.He closed his eyes, pretending to sleep so his cousins won’t bother him. It might have done the trick because after knocking twice and calling his name, they never returned.Going home for the holiday was something Suho looked forward to every year. First, because of the food.
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Chapter 17 - Should love be blind
Level up my game? Suho thought. There’s no competition to start with. He declared to himself positively, chest out and stomach in. He had thoughtfully chosen his outfit for the day, a green polo Lacoste shirt, and blue jeans his aunt gave him on his birthday. Not his usual jersey and baggy jeans get-up he frequently put on. It’s for Hana, he mumbled. From that momentous day in the Winter of 1996, he realized she was the one for him. The bus halted in front of E-world Amusement Park. Not a lot of people were on the site. Although he knew Baekhina could have possibly even reserved the entire park if she wished. That’s how rich and powerful her family was. Without a doubt, they can buy the entire place if she chose to. “Don’t you think it’s odd how Baekhina would waste money on Hana?” Kwanghee asked. “I know. I’ve been pondering about it since the last time we met them. Something’s fishy. Can you smell it?” “You bet. I can.” “That’s why I’m here to make sure Hana doesn’t go through
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Chapter 18 - Capturing Stars
Suho went straight to a convenience store, grabbing some snacks and noodles before heading off to the animal sanctuary. The minute he opened the gate and switched on the light, the dogs hovered around him, wagging their tails. He roared. “Hey buddies,” Suho came down on his knees, “at least you know how to approach me. Unlike some folks I know,” he continued, gritting his teeth. “Woo... woo... Easy!” He guffawed. “Let me put these down so I could give you something to eat.” Suho raised two black plastic bags from the convenience store and Hana’s present away from the dogs’ reach. “Let’s have our own birthday here without the birthday girl.” Suho slithered his way out of the pups and arranged the food, stuff toy from the amusement park, and his gift on the table. Then, he picked up the dogs’ bowls and gave them their treats, which he acquired from the cash he saved during Chuseok. Stroking their head before relaxing on the chair. On the dinner table, Suho set out the food he pic
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Chapter 19 - The Misunderstood Beauty
Brrrring... Brrrring... The noise of the alarm clock echoed throughout the room, enough to rouse the slumbering dragon in its lair. Passers-by looked around, scanning for the origin of the turbulence, but to no avail.But the owner was as oblivious to the commotion, sleeping like a bear in hibernation. In contradiction to the rest who were already up on their feet, bracing to start the day. It had been a strenuous period in Daegu as the country’s economy collapsed at the turn of 1997. The villagers scurry around, struggling to make ends meet. Shoulders hunched, face distraught, people mooching on the pavement like dead men walking in broad daylight. For this reason, most are stepping on thin ice, becoming easily irritated at the slightest discomfort. Brrrring... Brrrring “Ya! Turn it off already! The entire neighborhood is now awake with your alarm,” an old man shouted, his cane pointing aimlessly in the air. A hand slithered from within the blanket, groping in the dark, reaching
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Chapter 20 - Reluctant Princess
Hana choked at Go-Eun’s question. “Us? Of course not. We’re just buddies.” Hana replied, flabbergasted. She reached out for tissue wiping off her lips, and the rice splattered on the dinner table. “Right… very cliche.” Go-eun picked up a Pomeranian, smoothing its fur. “Really... We’re just friends.” Hana gobbled down a glass of water. Wishing Go-eun would just drop the topic. “How about Kang Jun?” Hana froze. “We’re friends.”  “Do you think they feel the same way towards you?” Go-eun glanced at Hana, staring absentmindedly at her plate. “I suppose.” Her eyes fleeting. “I don’t know, to be honest.” Or maybe not. Kang Jun had been more upfront with his affections, even when he knew I’m not buying it. Hana was tongue-tied. &nbs
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