150 Chapters
Chapter 11
James I had just walked into the hospital after lying to the nurse that I was doing an investigation so I could see Miss Parker before anyone else and Nick had beat me to it. The lovely receptionist Anna was so kind as to tell me she was at the hospital and extra shared that she was very much single which brought a triumphant smile to my face. I quickly wiped the smile off as worry took over and I asked her to give me the details of where she was before I rushed here. I didn’t get a chance to ask what had happened and looking at her now I was confused. She looked fine when I walked in and the only thing I saw was panic. “Miss Parker, are you alright? Do you need a doctor?” I asked. “No, no,” she shook her head, “I need you to tell this man that I don’t know him. I already told my parents that I don’t remember him, and he is making me uncomfortable.” “WHAT?!” Nick spat out. He looked furious but quickly took a deep breath. Something about him was making the bells in my head ring.
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Chapter 12
Kioni It was happening again. I remember this moment so well. Back when I was sixteen, I woke up from a coma after six weeks and some people came to see me and it made me defensive. I would forget the faces of some detectives when they questioned or made me uncomfortable. I forgot some of their faces because I used to have blackouts from pushing myself too hard to remember. I don’t know what had happened, but I couldn’t remember Nick. I tried to make myself remember but my head hurt, and my vision was beginning to become foggy. I was glad when I was discharged and told to take a few days to rest. I wanted to go back to my apartment and my parents wouldn’t have it. “Make sure you get some sleep, honey.” “Yes, mom, you don’t have to worry. You will be across the hall if anything happens.” “How about we let her have her rest,” my father walked to kiss my forehead before brushing my soothing me. “Thanks dad. I already feel better,” I spoke with my eyes closed. “Make sure you get som
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Chapter 13
James I had the arrest warrants ready yesterday but hadn’t arrested them due to the mother and daughter in question being out of town. There are plenty of stores in the city for them to go on a wild shopping spree. I would know because I have a shopping driven sister who goes to Springs Mall every week. Too bad their out of town shopping for the social event happening at the Springs City Hall tonight will end with them in cuffs. I did leave a message to be notified of their arrival, but I was frankly told they would be too busy with the event to bother with me. I scoffed but they would soon regret acting richly entitled when I slap them with the warrant while reading them their rights. I know the chief is not going to be pleased with me after tonight, but I couldn’t resist showing up in front of all those rich snobs and take one of their own. I’m not going to lie because I’m going
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Chapter 14
Kioni I was staring but at James, he was here and I caught a glimpse of him and he looked like he was making his way toward me. My heart skipped making me look away for a second before looking at him and he was smiling at me. He winked at me and waved over as if calling over someone a little disappointed he was not waving me over. I watched where he was looking and two police officers in uniforms walked to where he was. I kept looking at him before he nodded at them saying something before they followed him. He pulled out a piece of paper from his back pocket before stopping in front of a girl wearing a pink off-shoulder princess dress. I didn’t hear what he said because there were gasps around as people looked. James nodded at the lady officer who cuffed the girl before she screamed and shook. “DADDY,” she shrieked. Read more
Chapter 15
Kioni “What?” James asked, giving me an easy smile. “Oh, nothing,” I said, shaking my head. I decided to bite my slice of pizza to avoid his sudden question. I was surprised by my unexpected response when he suggested we go grab a pizza. I had said yes before my head could process anything and we ended sitting across from each other at the Pizza Hut enjoying each other’s company. James felt easy to talk to and I was glad I had agreed because he also made me feel safe. “Okay maybe I do have a question,” I say looking at him. “Go ahead,” he looked back at me and my heart started drumming. “Aren’t you supposed to be at work considering?” I paused. “The
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Chapter 16
James “Hey Harp, are you ready?” I shouted. “I said five minutes, two minutes ago,” she shouted back. “Well, hurry. I need to be early. Romans in not very pleased with me after last night and being late is not an option today,” “The more reason for me to get my own car,” she shouted, running down the stairs. "The problem would be solved." “Come on, you can wear your shoes in the car.” “Wait, hold up,” she stopped. “Why?” I groaned, looking at her. "What did you forget now?" “Is that a new shirt?” she grinned at me. “No, it’s been in my cupboard for years,” I
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Chapter 17
Kioni James: That’s not what I meant. I waited for him to respond. I was embarrassed enough when I suggested a rain check of whatever happened last night. I’m not sure if it was a date but it felt like one and I enjoyed spending time with him. I felt bad that I responded to his morning message so late in the afternoon, but I really needed time to process it. His sister has asked a lot of questions which I don’t blame her for, but I couldn't answer because I don’t know the answers to them myself. Are you sure your name is just K as in one letter K? What is the reason you can’t share? Does your ID only show the letter K? She meant well but I was grateful James ma
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Chapter 18
Harper James was different, he smiled more, and he was like a love-struck idiot. I have never seen him act this way with a girl before, especially one who is as mysterious as K is. James already warned me to stop being nosy, but I couldn’t help myself. There was something familiar about her from James’ drawings from years back. I was going to find out and all I needed to do was go through some of James’ old drawings to be sure. My gut was telling me I had seen her before and for the past two weeks had been bashing my head trying to remember why James’ mystery girlfriend was familiar. I remembered the old sketches and I was not going to rest until I found them. Everything about her was the same. I needed to see the drawings and prove my theory. The way James drew her was almost the same, especially her eyes; they had a lot of similarities. Read more
Chapter 19
James I am terrible at being a supportive big brother. I just can’t seem to believe she is a grown woman and old enough to date. I’m being unreasonable for trying to get between her and Conrad. I’m practically pursuing a girl and it's way too obvious that everyone appears to have noticed a change. I really should try and be more open and try to be level-headed about her relationship and not be a jerk. Me: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have scared your boyfriend. I will try to be more welcoming next time. I sighed after I texted her as I walked out of the house. I got into the car and there was a buzz. Harper: Fine. You’re still a jerk. I smiled as I drove off the driveway. My focus shi
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Chapter 20
James “Oh my God,” she gushed, “What? How?” she clamped her mouth with both hands. I was really proud of myself because her reaction was exactly what I was aiming for. She was awestruck and I could see her staring in shock. We were at Springs Beach but this time I arranged a secluded place to have dinner. The setting was beautiful and more than what I expected in less than ninety minutes I had called and arranged this. We were both staring at a white draped gazebo with enough space for a table setting for two. Lights were illuminating around at the top, bottom, on all four corners. “James,” she looked at me as she walked in. I smiled as I looked at her, my heart thrumming. I loved how my name swirled in her tongue. I looked at the lamps that were dangling on top and I noticed they threw in a heater because it was a little chilly. “Do you like it?” I asked sheepishly. “I- ” her mouth was still agape. “Come on, sit,” I chuckled at her loss of words. I held a chair for her as she
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