41 Chapters
Scene 10
The chat between Cheryl and Galvin gets more intense. Galvin was such a caring, polite man. A lot of the dimes Galvin did to make Cheryl laugh. At least that girl smiled shyly. The girl forgot Juna. In her heart, Juna's name is still embedded there. She felt God is not fair. Why, God didn't send Galvin first until she didn't have to meet Juna, who broke all her heart and bones. This afternoon Galvin asked Cheryl to meet him. She was hanging out like any other teenager. But Galvin said there'd be Juna there, so Cheryl had to take Rose. Cheryl has also promised that, until they get home from college, they can go there. Cheryl wants to make peace and accepts everything, or at least Juna is amazed at her attitude. Because Cheryl believes, gradually, Juna will see herself. Cheryl wants her to look elegant in Juna's eyes now. Although she once humbled herself to the bottom. But Cheryl wants to fix everything from now on. Be calm, like men wi
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Scene 11
Cheryl puffed her cheeks in annoyance. She looked at Sandra with hostility. Cheryl didn't like it when Sandra seemed to be trying to get Juna's attention. But that guy was not affected at all."The trade war is worrying. I'm afraid that it could lead to a political war and a real war. Huuu ... it's scary if all countries have moved. Imagine Russia siding with China. America is working with North Korea." Cheryl repeatedly flared her nose, embarrassed. She didn't like seeing Sandra's way of trying to make Juna amazed at her intelligence.Everyone is just silent. Sandra led the conversation. She must have got the wrong address. The guys here are all engineering majors. Who is an engineering boy who wants to take care of politics? Cheryl knows, Sandra tries to make her look smart and insightful in the eyes of all men.Rose played on her cellphone, smiling like crazy while sipping her drink. As for Juna, the guy is playing on his cellphone too. Only Aldo and Galvin are
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Scene 12
Cheryl asked to come to Rose's house. She wants to play with Jasmine or see Jared—Rose's Brother. But, Cheryl's goal is to meet Jevi. That noisy girl wants to feel the warmth of a father.Cheryl is so excited, and she will feel what home is when she is at her best friend's house. And Rose's house, lots of food, so Cheryl is free to eat."Last night, Mother and Jasmine made ice cream." Cheryl eys suddenly lit up. Truly the heaven of the truth."Make a lot. I want to eat a box myself." shrieked Cheryl cheerfully. At Rose's house she will feel like a queen, see her own home, warmth, and abundant food."Just make two.""Well ..." Cheryl let out a disappointed sigh."Share it with Jasmine. She made it, and she could be excited at home if she couldn't." Cheryl smiled briefly at Rose. She imagined how excited Rose's house was because of Jasmine's behaviour. Suppose she had a whole family if she had a younger sister, what a wonderful life. Again Cheryl co
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Scene 13
Cheryl tore up Rose's writing paper. She kept the paper in her bra because there was no pocket on her shirt. Cheryl made a small fold and tucked it inside.Cheryl is undoubtedly shocked. All this time, Rose has been pretending to mock her and Juna, even though she likes Juna. How deep is it? Rose likes Juna?Cheryl was silent for quite a long time. She do not know what to do. Cheryl can't hate Rose, Rose is everything. But why does it have to be Juna? Are there no other men in this world? Rose can like Aldo, Galvin, Esam, and other guys in their class. Why does it have to be Juna? Why?Rose's feelings for Juna were a disaster, and she couldn't possibly hate Rose. The only Rose she had in this world, the one who always understood her. Cheryl looked down and squeezed her hair, not understanding her life's eternal destiny. She was sobbing; she couldn't possibly forget her feelings for Juna. The man was Cheryl's first love, as well as Cheryl's future dreams. But wha
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Scene 14
Anyone - Justin Bieber 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰"Hey, Cheryl!" Rose tugged at Cheryl's clothes like a person inviting combat. Cheryl ignored. It's been more than a week, and she ignored her best friend. Cheryl didn't even go with Rose. Cheryl left with her mother. For some reason, considering this moment, Cheryl's tears always wanted to spill. She is happy."What's wrong with you?" Rose is still pulling Cheryl's clothes. Cheryl brushed off her best friend's hand—a former best friend."Take off, Rose. It'll get torn my clothes." Cheryl tried to be patient. By speaking softly."Talk to me first, you dumbass! What's wrong with you? Is it strange like this?" Rose did not accept it. Cheryl looked at Rose. She loves Rose, but Cheryl can't get the reality yet. Rose has feelings for Juna. Why does it have to be that man?"Maturity process." said Cheryl. "Hell! Talking about adults. Watch porn so that you grow up!" spray
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Scene 15
The two humans in the room were both shocked. Rose just gaped, closing her mouth. Cheryl's tears came down while holding her cheek, which Rose slapped By the most trusted person on earth."Just because of a boy who doesn't know whose heart it is for, but you slapped me!" Cheryl's tears fell. Not because of the slap, but she was hurt as if Rose preferred Juna over her."You're presumptuous! Why open people's privacy?!""But I found an answer! Why does you have to pretend, If you like Juna?""Because I want to respect your feelings! You are selfish, Cheryl! Never understand me. Who knows I am a versatile human who can be used at will!" Rose voiced all the complaints she had kept while she was friends with Cheryl."Not like that...""Shut up!" Snapped Rose."I hate you, Cheryl! I hate you!" Cheryl immediately ran to the room. She couldn't bear to hear other hurtful words—painful words than Juna's rejection. Rose are more valuable t
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Scene 16
Cheryl's hands were shaking at the message. She was fanning her face, her eyes heating up. Tell her zhe is too much, Juna, who she can only reach in a dream. Even in a dream, Juna looks cruel, suddenly sending Cheryl a message of love, as if tomorrow is the end of the world."Shit! Shit!" Cheryl rubbed her eyes. She wasn't dreaming, and this wasn't Juna lie, not Elsa Frozen, not Tinkerbell. This was real Juna, prince on horseback."Ah ... oh my. Crazy! This is crazy! Jeez!" Cheryl was still slapping her cheek, and she wasn't dreaming. Tacky, Cheryl kissed the flat object many times, as if she had kissed Juna. If Juna were in front of her, she would be the happiest girl in the Milky Way galaxy."Huh ..." Cheryl exhaled in a huff and blew her bangs. She held her cheek, which was still warm."I can get a real fever. Missing fever, hihi." Cheryl giggled. She picked up her cell phone and sat squatting on the edge of the bed.C : Hi, thanks for posting t
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Scene 17
Like people dating for the first time, that feeling of awkwardness must be created. The feeling is present because of the inability to break the ice.Cheryl is just a stone's side next to Juna. If she can choose, Cheryl will be with Aldo, who is annoying but fun, even though it's only filled with unfaithful arguments. Juna is busy playing with his cellphone, while Cheryl is on the side, only able to play with dry leaves. At the same time, she was waiting for Juna to open a conversation.Since this acquaintance, Rose and Aldo chose to leave and let Cheryl and Juna approach the process."Where is your house?" Cheryl asked awkwardly. Cheryl bit her tongue and pinched her own body. Very stupid! Why does it have to be such a helpful question, which comes out of her tiny mouth?Juna looked closely at Cheryl. If it wasn't forced and it wasn't Rose's request, Juna wanted Cheryl to be her sister, not trapped in a situation like this! Cheryl held her breath when Juna's
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Scene 18
Cheryl's heart was beating, beating wildly. Cold sweat ran down her palms, and large sweat poured from his forehead to her entire face. Her neck felt a moment's cramp. She was short of breath."Come on." Take Juna. Cheryl shook her head and wanted to go home. She didn't want to. There was an embarrassing event, and sh got rejected. Cheryl is permanently traumatized if she gets denied."Alright." Juna took Cheryl's hand and brought the girl into his house. Juna complied with Cheryl's request to meet future in-laws. Even Cheryl didn't prepare anything. She didn't get any cakes or gifts of the sort.Juna's house is quiet. Cheryl went inside and saw the expensive furniture in Juna's living room. Juna's home is not too big, but the interior looks are screaming, luxurious and expensive.Cheryl saw a beautiful little girl, around 6-7 years old, playing with a doll. Cheryl smiled, she liked kids, and she quickly got along.The little girl is gorgeous."Si
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Scene 19
Cheryl and Juna are overwhelmed, how to deal with Faaza, who is a tantrum. The pretty girl didn't want Cheryl to leave. Cheryl cannot stay in other people's houses while she has a home and doesn't want to disturb others. The important thing is that she has visited her future in-laws."Come ..." even Faaza sat on the ground and threw whatever she could and threw away. Cheryl feels terrible for making someone's child like this. Honestly, it feels hard to leave Faaza, and there is a kind of pull that she and Faaza can be the perfect playing partner. Cheryl can teach Faaaza to invite Faaza to play and make the beautiful girl laugh."Juna, take Cheryl. It's okay. Mum will calm down later.""B-but auntie, I don't have the heart." Faaza, a tantrum, approached Cheryl, hugged her, and didn't want to let Cheryl go. Cheryl glanced at the silent Juna, looking at Junas mum, who was also overwhelmed with persuasion. Starting from going to the mall, buying new clothes, buying
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