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Chapter 10
Is it true? The habit when there is a partner who just broke up. Men enjoy freedom right away without feeling heartbroken, while women enjoy heartbreak. After a while, the woman first recovers her heart, while the man who initially has fun only then feels heartbroken.Violen was still immersed in disappointment, blaming herself for having hoped. And now she has to go through a new problem. Even though just now Violen's burden about Bryn always nibbling her away.Daren was the trigger for Violen's current discomfort. The class was like an arid desert to Violen. One study with Daren for Violen was suffocating. Who knows how long to hold back tears when Violen meets Daren. Though usually a smile is etched beautifully every time Violen sees Daren's face. Things change so fast."You know, usually class is suffocating because of Bryn. And now the class is suffocating because of Daren. I don't know how to go about all this anymore," Violen protested while visiting Lesl
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Chapter 11
'a way to move on quickly, compelling.'My smile grew when I found a book that was not too thick, a book to be able to recover faster from a broken heart. The cover is pink mixed with black."So you're heartbroken, huh?" asked the cashier when I paid for the book I bought"Hmmm, not for me," I avoided. The fat woman looked at me sharply."Then, for who? Your eyes are talking," she said again."My eyes?" I also hold my eyes"Yeah, your eyes are swollen," she said, smiling triumphantly while I looked down sadly."This," I said, handing her the money. I hurriedly grabbed my book parcel."You can't lie to me," shouted the woman who kept the cashier, forcing me to run too quickly getaway*******"Hiuffff," I threw my body roughly onto the mattress. Grabbing the book I bought earlier. For a moment, my heart trembled to read the title of the book. have I reached this stage? this pain is my unreq
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Chapter 12
Violen POVI already felt the pounding of Daren's breath so close. There is no need to explain a situation like this. I was fighting with my thoughts. I should be happy because Daren will kiss me, but why is there something in my heart that feels odd. Reflex I turned my face, I shook my head looking out the window"The rain will stop, right?" I said"Haha? Oh yeah. Yeah sure, "Daren replied awkwardly. he smiled awkwardly because of my reaction"I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable," repeated Daren to me"Ha? It's okay. Hey, how about we watch something while waiting for the rain to stop? ""Of course, that's a good idea. Come here," Daren walked, and I followed him.Luckily the awkward situation got better after we watched it. Daren also showed me a lot about himself. He has a superior room for each of his books, mostly novels with various genres.I enjoy every single thing I do with him. As Daren said, when the r
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Chapter 13
I admit that I haven't felt a relationship yet. But the events that I saw at that time somehow disturbed my mind now. In addition to the hurt that a partner may have cheated on, it turns out that other injuries can still be felt by women, like being physically abused by a man. I wonder if indeed a man has abused his woman like that, why did the woman still survive? Can that be said to be true love?"Hey," said a man. I lifted my head to see who the man who confronted me. Bryn was standing with a thin smile in front of me. I'm quite stunned. My eyes swept to see the surroundings. I just realized that I had been daydreaming while on my way to the novel competition committee room on campus."Yeah, yeah?" I replied stuttering"Where are you going?" asked Bryan. His voice sounded very soft. It was unusual when Bryn used to always speak in a high voice to me."I want to give my novel to the competition committee," I replied. But my eyes didn't dare look at Bryn."Do you have a minute? I want
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Chapter 14
Violen POVWhat Bryn told me was true. I mean he started greeting me in class in a friendly manner. Some of the other residents of the class are being cool, but some of them are also whispering about me.Like today, I can't focus on listening to the lesson the lecturer explained to me. Bryn sits on my left while Daren is on my right. Can you imagine the gaze of the women in my class?"What did the lecturer explain?" Bryn whispered to me"you do not understand?" I asked. Bryn grinned and shook his head"Do not chat when the lecturer explains the material," said Daren whispering to me"Okay" I answered softly"I'm bored, what's wrong with chatting for a while," argued Bryn"Yeah, but you don't appreciate a lecturer explaining the material," Daren replied
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Chapter 15
Violen POVI told Lesley a funny incident that happened to me at that time. Lesley even burst out laughing at my story. The story about me making fun of Bryn and Daren. I did have my period, but I managed to get Bryn and Daren to buy sanitary napkins, even though I carried spare pads in my bag."Hahahahah you're very ignorant," Lesley was still laughing."They are annoying. They are like Tom and Jerry. Always arguing over little things. I don't even know why they are always beside me now. Even Bryn really isn't like Bryn I've ever known. ""Yeah, he changed a lot. Whereas he used always to bother you, right?"I don't understand their way of thinking," I said, confused."But they are very kind because they want to help you like that. are you happy now?" asked Lesley"Hmmm I don't know. I'm still adjusting myself. it just feels weird. Bryn and Daren. the two men have their own story in my life.""Hey, that means we have to thank
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Chapter 16
Violen POVI gawk at what the man said. My brain thought hard to understand the sentence that came out of his mouth. Is this a TV show or something? My eyes swept around again; maybe a hidden camera or someone suddenly came and shouted PRANK."Violen? Violen?" repeated the man, shaking his palm in front of my eyes. As if to confirm whether I still see it or not"Yeah?" I replied, stunned, shaking my head in confusion. Situation that I can't explain. The fear that I feel is now mixed with endless confusion. I coarsely spit my saliva down my throat, which feels even drier, especially I still feel anxious. The man is wearing a navy suit. He has a thin mustache and combed hair, even though it doesn't make his face look old; from his make-up, I think he's someone who works in a company maybe. "You are okay? Drink this, "said the man handing me a drink. Looks like he realized I was thirsty because my voice already sounded soft and hoarse<
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Chapter 17
Violen POVNewyork has welcomed the arrival of autumn. The weather is colder. I struggled with several books to copy material. It was my habit to take notes and summarize them so that it would be easier for me to take the exams later."So now you stay at Lesley's house?" Bryn asked me"Yeah" I replied while copying the material from the book."Why?" Bryn asked again"What do you mean? I just want to stay at my best friend's house, "I replied"Ah, okay," Bryn replied"Do your practice, you know we'll be a test soon" I pleaded."Okay, okay" Bryn replied irritably, but he was still working on the material I had shown him earlier. Ah, I just realized that I haven't seen Daren all day. Daren also didn't go to class, I thought he was late, but he didn't"Where's Daren?" I asked Bryn"I don't know, I'm not his bodyguard, so how do I know" Bryn replied ignorantly."Brynnn," I complained."Wh
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Chapter 18
When I opened my eyes, what I heard was the sound of music with a soft melody. It's like a classic song. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the ceiling of the room. Yeah, I woke up in Daren's room. Realizing that I immediately checked my body, a thick blanket covered my body from feet to chest.I immediately opened the blanket and heaved a sigh of relief when I saw my body was still fully clothed. Ridiculous, I don't know what I thought. I saw Daren was not there beside me. He got up first from me."Daren, where are you?" I called out Daren's name while walking to find Daren's whereabouts. I've seen several rooms, and Daren isn't there."Daren?" call me again. I saw a hallway. Slowly I stepped and walked down the hall; when I reached the end of the hall, my eyes were stunned to see the beautiful backyard. Green grass covered the lawn. The trees thrive, right next to the tones of a perfectly decorated swimming pool. And on the other side, there is a gazebo."D
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Chapter 19
Violen POVI walked back and forth, thinking about Lesley, who had not yet returned home. I've called Lesley, and the answer she gave was, "yeah, I'm fine, calm down". The night sky has come, and Lesley still hasn't returned home. I was feeling guilty about leaving Lesley alone at the café.Dringgggg ,,,, DringgggMy cell phone rings. I hurriedly picked up the phone without looking at the screen first. Somehow I feel nervous uncertainty. My heartbeat was chaotic because of the anxiety and fear I felt"Hello, where are you, Lesley?" I asked"No, it's me, Daren.""hah?" I said, surprised to see the telephone screen. And just realized that the name on the phone screen was Daren's name."Oh yeah, sorry," I said again."What is the problem? You sound panicked.""No, I'm fine. What is wrong? Are you not feeling well anymore? "I asked"I am fine. I'm just making sure you're okay too. "Daren saidRead more Protection Status