64 chapters
11. Home
"It may not be home but it is an adventure."~UNKNOWNAntonio opened my door and held his hand out for me, when did he came here so fast? I gently grabbed his awaiting hand and moved out of the SUV.I started walking behind him. We climbed 3 small steps and came in front of the beautiful front door, I could tell it was made of expensive wood, it had round circle shaped handles on each of the two doors to knock with, it was royal type.Before Antonio could ring the bell. The doors were opened by someone, it was like they opened by themselves because there was no one in sight to greet us.Antonio tugged my hand gently and I continued to go inside with him. We entered through the door, I looked around and saw that there was actually an old lady standing besides the door with her hands folded in front of her.She must be the one who opened the doors, she wore a neat maids dress with her greying hairs in a tight bun. She was old but had a kind aura aro
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12. Clarification
Be somebody nobody thought you could be.~UNKNOWNI woke up by some sounds, I fluttered my eyes open and was confused for a second then I realized I was no longer at home with the feeling of comfort of people I love surrounding me.Now I'm in a whole new country with strangers and apparently married. Married? Alessandro? I rememberedThen again I heard some sounds that were coming from the washroom, I think it's Alessandro. The thought made me nervous."On" I spoke softly and the dark room was filled with light. I glanced around the room and their on the sofa his waist coat was placed, that he wore at our wedding.I stared at it for sometime. Should I leave it or place it in the closet neatly like a good wife. Mom would've been proud if I did the latter.I sighed and moved out of the bed, I picked up the coat and gazed at it.It had blood spots on it which made me shudder in disgust, as I was about to make my way to the closet the wash
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13. Light And Darkness
Stars, hide your fires: Let not light see my black and deep desires.~William ShakespeareI woke up after a much needed beauty sleep. I stretched then turned around to see the other side empty.I was kind of relieved to find that Alessandro left early, I didn't wanted to face him after my rant last night.I looked around the room it was dark, even though it was morning I checked the time it was 10:07 am. The sun was up but the curtains were closed.I was feeling suffocated by this darkness I wanted light. I quickly went to the curtains and opened them without wasting a moment. Instantly the warm rays of the sun hit my skin and the room was bright with the natural light. I smiled feeling that I can breathe now.I hated it when mom used to wake me up like this she would come in my room and open the curtains all the way making the light hit my face directly, but now I realize how important this natural light is.It gives you a fee
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14. Taming Him
Follow your soul, it knows the way.~UnknownTwo days.Two days since Alessandro left me in this dark place, two days since I have seen light, two days since I've seen any human, Two days since I've eaten anything. And two days since I have decided to make Alessandro's every living moment hell.What? You thought I would sit here cry and plead and when he comes I would turn into the perfect wife.No! Never! With the things I faced I'm more then tempted to break the rules.The two days in this confined dark space gave me alot of time to think.I thought about all the things that happened 2 days ago, about how just because of opening the curtains Alessandro turned into a beast.I realized Alessandro is not normal, no normal human being would act that way. I should've guessed it the moment I gazed in his eyes on our wedding day.They were void of any emotion any feeling.Anger is what I definitely felt on the first
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15. Fire
If it doesn't burn a little then what's the point of playing with fire?~ Bridgett DevoueThird person P.O.VThe maids were busy cleaning around the mansion, they were spread across all the floors according to there duties.They were allowed on all floors except the Capo's floor, only Christine was allowed there.One of the maids Sara was dusting the stairs, she was near the Capo's floor but would not dare to step a foot there. She would complete her work and turn around.She was humming a song to herself concentrated in her work when a sudden smell hit her nostrils.She paused her work and sniffed the air, the smell hit her again with some smoke entering her nostrils as well, this time she coughed after sniffing.It smelt like something was burning she glanced down the stairs to see if someone burned something in the kitchen, but everyo
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16. A Chance
Just be with me. We'll figure out the details later.~Perry Poetry For rest of the day I was left all alone in my room not even Christine came in to ask for food.I was standing by the window gazing at the stars. The nights here in Italy are a little chilly compared to the warm days.But nevertheless everything about here is beautiful and refreshing.The sky is full of stars, I found myself gazing at them for the past hour and thinking about all the thinks most of all my husband.No matter how bad experience we have had with each other in the past I feel myself attracted towards him.I can't say I like him yet but he has turned tolerable for me, I don't see myself getting angry at him.I know he killed people, slapped me and locked me in a
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17. Alessandro I
Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul.~ UnknownAlessandro's P.O.VBANG! BANG! BANG!I emptied my gun in the fuckers chest, I got information he was a rat in my family and I hate rats."Bravissimo ragazzo mio" (Very good my boy) Antonio came from behind and clapped his hands slowly. I just stood there staring at the now dead men with a cold expression on my face."Dobbiamo parlare" (We need to talk) Antonio whispered lowly in my ear and I knew it was important, I nodded and we both made our way to the rusty stairs.We went up and towards my office. One of the maids was standing outside with a handkerchief in her hand, I took it from her and dismissed her with a flick of my
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18. Pain Or Pleasure
Pleasure and pain, it's all the same~ K.A.My eyes were fixed on the kitchen's entrance after a minute surely my husband came in with the same fury in his eyes like the previous day.But this time there was a hint of sleepiness in his them. "Vale.." he stopped midway when his eyes took in everything.Everyone was staring at him with curiousity, I found there expressions cute and couldn't hold back my chuckle.Alessandro came out of his daze and stared at me "Che cosa sta succedendo qui?" (what is going on here?) He said something."Signora ci ha preparato la colazione stamattina" (Ma'am prepared breakfast for us this morning) Christine replied softly her scrambled eggs long forgotten.He took in the contents on the table and then stared at me with furrowed eye
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19. Deal With The Devil
"It's the connection we can't explain."~UnknownI crossed the kitchen gracefully, went to the stairs and climbed them with confidence but when I was out of everyone's site I ran like a headless chicken to my room.I reached there and slammed the door shut and leaned my back to it, my right hand placed on my heart.It was beating wildly like it would rip out of my chest any moment.The 'me' down there confident, calm and all that was a facade.In truth I was so scared I thought I would pee my pants.The moment Alessandro started choking I didn't thought it would effect him so much but I should've thought carefully.Ofcourse he had to react that way I added 4 full spoons of salt in his batter and then the coffee on top.When everyone glared at me I thought no was is going to let m
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20. First Kiss
"The kiss was full of all the words I didn't need to say."~Unknown. "I need your money." I blurted out.The translator translated my words and soon I was met with very confused eyes.It was too late to realize that how wrong my words sounded, he must think of me as a gold digger."No! Not like want your money for my shopping but more like want your money for the furniture and groceries." I quickly cleared the meaning behind my words saying the sentence in one breathe.His eyes widened a little but he controlled his expressions like usual, he was clearly surprised by my words."So are you going to give it orrr not?" I trailed out.He stared out of the window for a moment and then went to our walk in closet without saying a word."Seems like not." I answered to myself and decided to go downstairs I need to prepare lunch for everyone.I was about to exit our room when a big hand caught my right hand and stopped me on my
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