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Chapter 10
10… "Alpha." Hari Stark curtsied before Alpha Hercules, so did his beautiful daughter, Reyne. Alpha Hercules amusingly smiled. He fed his eyes with a view of Reyne's beautiful facade and her impressive presentation. She respectfully bowed down before him like a lady of a big house. She held her knee length frock from the sides and expertly curtsied like she had taken a class to master it. "Mr. Stark, have a seat please. You too, my beautiful girl." Reyne smiled hesitantly, she looked at her father for approval and sat next to him after he gave her a nod of permission. While her eyes admired the finely designed hall of the alpha's house, the Alpha occupied himself with the job of admiring her. Hari Stark noticed it. He clenched his jaw tight as frustration grew deep and strong in his chest. His daughter was again presenting herself in a manner she should not. He had warned her. Told her to not do anything but no, Reyne never listened. She was a stupid teenage girl who needed a
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Chapter 11
11  "Wow, you are talented along with being beautiful, dear." Luna Garnet complimented Reyne after having seen the plating she did.  Reyne smiled, feeling delighted, "Thanks so much, ma'am."  She was in the luxurious kitchen of Alpha Hercules' house, helping his mate, Luna Garnet, in the kitchen. She was getting bored, sitting between the elders while they discussed their residence and other important stuff. Reyne was feeling low on her spirit but then Luna occurred and asked for a helping hand that she gladly offered.  It barely took some time for them to get used to each other after coming inside the kitchen, and the ladies were enjoying it already.  "Where did you learn this?" The Luna asked, looking at the nicely decorated muffins.  "From the internet!" Reyne answered as she followed Luna's gaze.  Read more
Chapter 12
 12... At night, "Why aren't you joining those girls there?" Lifting his head from his beer glass, with an arched brow, Zander watched Valen poke him on his right hand's bicep. He bit the corner of his mouth whilst trying hard to resist her presence around him, "Why would I join them, huh?" he asked in return as he looked at a bunch of three hot girls moving their hips on the dance floor. "I wonder why not?" He heard it coming from her mouth. "You look like a dumbfuck playboy. I can only wonder why are you sitting here and not hitting on those girls!" With his jaw dropping in shock, Zander glared at her angrily as he finally realized why she had even come to see him in the corner of the club in the first place. "Just go away before I ruin your makeup with a hard punch. Do you want me to do that?" He threatened her, and that was enough for Valen to know that his threa
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Chapter 13
13... Reyne watched the stars in the sky peeking down at her, smilingly. She raised her right hand and pretended to touch them with her forefinger. More like pop them one by one like soap bubbles.  Unfortunately, they were so high that she cannot reach them! Reyne huffed, her hands crossed across her breasts and she stuck her tongue out towards the sky. It was her frustration she showed to those stars that teased her by being so high and unreachable. "You think you can look at me and not let me touch you? You are wrong, Mr. Star and relatives." She started speaking to the stars. "You wait and watch. Just let me get my mate. After he comes, I will make sure that all of you kiss my feet." Reyne smiled and blushed. She covered her face with her palms and acted crazy. She sheepishly chuckled and peeked through her fingers at the starry sky, and covered her eyes again. This was n
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Chapter 14
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Chapter 15
 15...  In the morning,  Zander stirred in his sleep. Some vague memories from last night disturbed his slumber. He can't do anything more than undo his eyes and lift his weight on his left elbow, and look at the bright rays of the sun that were sneaking inside his bedroom. "Ugh... Gosh. My head!" his fingers pressed against his scalp, there was a throbbing, ringing ache, spreading all across his skull like it was hammered a dozen time. He let his head fall on the pillow again since his weak elbow, precisely weak due to the morning sickness with a bad hangover, went flat on the mattress.  He rested on his stomach while he struggled to recall what happened last night. The last thing he remembered was exiting the club after he watched Valen and Ryley in the corner of the club, kissing and cuddling! What happened after that? He cannot
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Chapter 16
 16 Zander's POV My heart jumped, up and down, inside my chest as I pushed my feet ahead. I was on my way to the same bus station where I had Zack exclaim about our mate. I am not honestly a love-sick kind of wolf who is dying to meet his mate, I was yet a bit anxious to know who she is. So far I have been assuming that she was not from our pack or else, by now, I would have met her plenty of times. I thought she was somewhere away. Where I can't find her. Where I might have to go after taking the oath of a beta, as an adult matured wolf. Regardless, what I experienced the other night was shocking as hell. She was here. Right in front of me. Inside my own pack yet I did not meet her. And I saw her! Yep, I did. Even though her image was not clear, I know I did see her. It was her.  Stupid Zack could not see her properly as I was dizzy. Our vi
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Chapter 17
17 My mate. I saw my mate. But not the type of mate I was wanting to see. He was a bloody drunkard! Probably a rogue. Because after I ran away from there and anyhow reached home back, I heard dad speak about that place with someone. It is not a good place as there is a notorious bad club ahead of the bus station where all the bad and spoiled wolves go. May be he had just come out of that place before I encountered him. "No, dad, I am absolutely fine. It is just that I ran recklessly last night for the first time. And that makes my entire body hurt. I just need some rest." With his eyes moving everywhere on my face, I confidently lied whilst pushing back the hot tears that threatened to flash in my eyes. I have not intimated dad about my mate. There are two causes behind that. One, that he would surely ask me to help him find him so that he can go and talk to him. And second, so that there is a valid
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Chapter 18
18...  In school... "What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Zander shrugged his shoulders amusingly, because it was now hard to avoid the looks coming from his friends. Ever since he came to school, they have been staring at him. Be it Ryley, Clarke, Yeoman or Wendy, all of them stared like he was some kind of alien. "Not only you alone, but that crazy mate of yours has been eyeing me too. What has gotten into your rusty heads?" Zander pointed at Valen who was sitting with her own friends, at a different table, in the canteen. The first lecture just ended. Although Zander attended it, he didn't get any attendance because he came late. He joined the class when half of it had already passed. The hot teacher Mr. Vera did take him in, but she took away his attendance. In fact, Zander didn't seem to mind it at all. He was not into studies an
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Chapter 19
 19... Zander's POV They just ruined my mood. Fuck them all!!! And that freaking Valen... That girl will die in my hands. I swear that I will be the cause of her death for she really tests my patience beyond limits. Huh. Freak. I took a long deep breath and came to the parking lot. My body rested against the closed door of my car and eyes closed. I felt my body skipping across the metallic body of my vehicle and my butt falling on the ground. I sat there with my legs stretched wide before me. Thankfully I could hear nobody around. Hence, the lack of noise and isolation helped me compose myself sooner than I expected. "That was not right. I should not have said that to Ryley. What must he be thinking about my words?" I can't help but think about it as my fingers tiringly curled together into fists.
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