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Chapter 11- Protecting the mate
The count and Rhiannon were walking quietly through the forest near the lake, his low voice talking of his estates and his fortune that would be hers once they were married.The count had suddenly turned up the next morning. Apologising for leaving early during the banquet. Then he insisted on her going riding with him. Now here she was along the lake. Taking a walk and thinking about Vasilios.She replied sparingly to his questions, as something about him made her stomach ill at ease. "So as I was saying, my castle has 100 rooms, maybe you should visit me sometime, I would love to show them to you," he held her hand in a romantic gesture.She pulled her hand away from his grasp. "Thanks for the ride sir, I am tired now, I want to go back," she said, increasing her steps.<
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Chapter 12 - The trial
"Will you care to explain, what is going on and why do you look so dishevelled?" Areos were hammering Vasilios with questions, the moments he had returned to the guest wing.Although he had taken a dip in the lake to wash off the blood, he still looked dishevelled.Vasilios sighed," I killed him.""Yes I know, and it's going to get out of hand unless you explain to me why?""He touched her, he was trying to hurt her," Vasilios gritted his teeth in anger.Arios looked confused," wait what?""That count was forcing himself on a lady, in the forest. I did what he deserved."Arios raised an eyebrow," right, but we don't get involved in human affairs, also you could have just scared him off, what was the need to kill him?""I lost control, she is my mate," Vasilios said quietly.Arios stared at him dumbfo
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Chapter 13 - The escape
Tap tap tap tap.....The sound of water dripping from a leaking pipe broke her nap. Rhiannon had been locked in the cell after being dragged away from the court. She had not protested because it was useless.It's not like she was scared of dying. That would be fantastic compared to the life she had been leading so far. However, she was furious over the unfairness of it.Her character was questioned. Her reputation was in tatters, even if she managed to escape death she had no future. She would have to run away.She was sitting against the hard cell wall, awaiting her fate."Rhiannon," a familiar voice called her.She turned towards the cell door and was surprised to see Alfred standing there.He looked at her with concern."How are you, Rhiannon?" He asked in a soft voice."Alfred, what are you doing here?" She stood up and walked up to the cell door."Well, I wanted to see you, I am sorry for everything." 
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Chapter 14 - Enemy and the Saviour
Vasilios was restless, it was nothing unusual. He has been in this state for quite some time, he recalled the conversation with the king sometime back.  "Well, your grace we have arranged for your tribute." Vasilios raised his eyebrows," excellent! I hope she fulfils all the requirements, your majesty." He sensed the king bristle. "Well yes, almost, you see the Duke of Allendale has another daughter from a mistress, she is a maiden, with a Nobel blood. I was hoping if you would accept her as your tribute." Vasilios narrows his eyes at the king," isn't she the one who is accused of murder?" "Well yes," the king looked uncomfortable, "if you have a problem with that, perhaps, I can suggest someone's else...."  Vasilios raised his hand," she will do perfectly fine. I accept her a tribute." The King sighed with
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Chapter 15 - Wolf friend
 Vasilios stepped over the dead body of her possible tormentor who was now a dead man. His bloody hand reached out to stroke her brow. "Are you hurt in any way?" His voice was hoarse and his breathing ragged. She saw the concern in his eyes. The shock of seeing him as her rescuer had subsided, it was now replaced by wonder, how did he know she had escaped? Why did he rescue her? To take her back? To keep her his slaver forever? She quickly stepped back and clutched at her cloak, her knuckles turned white. She had her freedom; she now understood she would have to resist to keep it. He might catch her eventually.Still, she would rather die than go back. Before he inferred her intent, she turned and ran away. He stared at her sprinting figure disappearing into the woods. He sighed, then sprung after her like a wolf chasing his prey. As she s
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Chapter 16 - The last night in Allendale
    Vasilios had seen people cower in fear, run for their lives or even go still in shock when he approached them in his wolf form.    But he had never got this kind of response, ever. Rhiannon was badgering him with a series of questions while they walked back to his steed.        "No, Rhiannon I am not going to shift now, " he replied, exasperated.        "Just once Vasilios," she said as she hurried over the shrubs trying to match his pace." How do I know you are speaking the truth."        "We just discussed everything, why do you want to see me shift?"        "Well, you are a pretty wolf," she said softly.        He looked scandalized and stopped in his track. He turned back suddenly, making her almost collide into his chest.&nb
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Chapter 17 - The wolf comb
 Rhiannon rushed to Martha's room as soon as she was relieved from the living area.    If her father could have hit Alfred his only son, she shuddered what he would have done to her for helping her escape.        "Nan!" She scurried to hug a very surprised Martha.        "Oh, child! How come you are here? I know you were captured back, I feel so sorry for you my child." Martha sobbed on Rhiannon's shoulders.        "I am fine nan, please don't weep for me."        She broke the hug and looked at the wrinkled face of Martha, "are you ok nan? Did father harm you in any way?"        "I am fine my child, but what happened to you. Why are you back? And how come you are not in the dungeon?"        She opened her mouth to explain but anot
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Chapter 18 - Being territorial
Finally, back in her tiny chamber, Rhiannon looked around at its pale walls and old furniture. Her room was nothing to boast about. It was dark, cold with barely any furniture.Her merge belongings were packed in a box. Yet, she was trying to imprint everything in her memory, even though she hated the place, she would not be seeing it again. And that filled her with a sense of emptiness."A priestess," she whisperedShe wasnt particularly religious, though she did visit the temple of Artemis, Venus, and others occasionally, with nan or during the annual harvest. She never felt that sense of devotion to dedicate herself to Gods. One of her uncles, duke's brother, was a monk, in some monastery.That happened long ago. Before she was even born. But she had heard of it. When she escaped, she was planning to hide behind the security of a monastery. Perhaps, she was fated to live a life of loneliness without ever knowing
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Chapter 19 - The journey
Rhiannon tied her travel cloak around her neck and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked nervous.Taking a deep breath she walked out of her chamber. This would be the last time, she would ever walk along these corridors. It felt surreal.Rhiannon had just one small bag of belonging to carry with her. She didnt possess anything of much value except her mother's golden comb which she had tucked carefully in her bag.She walked into the courtyard where Vasilios was waiting along with his brother and a few of his warriors.King William, her father and Lady Catherine stood with grim expressions"You are late," Vasilios said stiffly as he grabbed her bag from her.Rhiannon rolled her eye, feeling another pair of eyes on her she turned towards another man who was unmistakably his brother.They had striking resemblance, though his brother had brows eyes and lighter hair."My lady, I am Arios, glad to meet you." He took her hand and gent
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Chapter 20 - Arcadia
Rhiannon woke up bleary-eyed, with the chirping of bird's that's how it should have been. However, that was not the case. She was woken by the harsh words of Vasilios.  "Get up lazy bones! We have to leave," he shook her rudely."Wa.....what happened," she sat up on the bed. Her green eyes blinked in confusion. Her dark curls had come undone at night and it hung around her face and shoulders like a thick blanket.She grabbed her blanket and covered herself protectively."How rude! You can't barge in a lady's room like this."He rolled his eyes."If the lady is lazy, and she is causing a delay. I have to ignore the decorum. Now get up. There is a stream nearby, you can wash up, then we'll leave."She glared at him."I am not lazy, and neither have I caused any delay. Now if you would be kind enough to leave. I need to change."He regarded her for a moment," f
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